These 5 Questions can help us DOUBLE your business…

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These 5 Questions can help us DOUBLE your business…

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If you answered referrals, then this may be the greatest opportunity you discover in your career.
To find out if it is, continue reading.

If not, then you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage a proven system to immediately create more repeat business, immediate referrals and 5-star reviews that drive the highest quality inbound leads that are available with your marketing.

Let’s make sure that you get as much value as possible.

After just one year on our Concierge program, our client Parker has closed deals from 26 NEW referral partners (An average of over 2 per month) that has created $11.5 Million in closed mortgage volume.
Each partner continues to send new business and he continues to convert new partners every month from the appointments that his Concierge books for him.

The incredible thing about this success is that Parker only invests in 400 calls per month with a part time Concierge!

A full time Concierge makes 150 calls each DAY and books an average of 5 qualified referral appointments per DAY!

Even if you only invest in a part time Concierge and work just one appointment a day you can be adding a new referral partner a week until you hit your capacity to handle the referrals.
All without you making a single cold call or chasing a lead!

These are appointments with qualified Realtors, Financial Planners, Wealth Advisors, Attorneys, Accountants, Title Companies, Builders, Loan Officers and more…

We helped one of the largest online financial services companies in the nation create an additional $580,000 in revenue in the first 90 days by changing just one thing in their sales process.
What did we change? Before they were sending all of their leads directly to their sales agents. The agents were cherrypicking the leads and making only a couple of follow up calls. A massively wasted opportunity.

We installed a Concierge department and increased their appointment booking ratio from 12% to 20%!
The sales appointments were better qualified and the business made an additional half a million dollars in revenue in 90 days without more leads or increased ad spend!

There are 3 things you can do to immediately convert dramatically more deals from your inbound leads.
1. Pick up every call, live chat and social media direct message 24/7.
2. Call every web lead back in the first 5 minutes and follow up right away with a text.
3. Make sure every lead gets a minimum of 7 follow up calls in the first 90 days.

Your new Concierge does all of this for you and helps you increase the number of appointments you get and the quality of your appointments.

Every new customer you generate should create at least 4 new professional referral relationships.
We do this with our Ultimate Referral Blueprint.

Every applicant should also be getting bi-weekly follow ups so you close more of them into deals while also getting far more referrals before they even become a customer!

All it takes to dramatically increase the lifetime value of every lead and customer that you generate is the right systems, concierge and scripts.

We have all of them waiting for you with our result generating systems.

Chris Johnstone

CEO, The Executive

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The Concierge
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+ Database Scrubbing (Custom Realtor Lists Sold Seperately)
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The Executive
Get a dedicated Concierge in your business
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