How to get more traffic to your mortgage website fast!

So for today’s lesson, I’m going to show you how to get more website traffic. I’m going to show you how to do it fast and we’re going to use this funky tool called Google Search Console. Obviously, we’re using a new tool here and we’re going to shut that down and we’re going to get this up for you as well.

So what does Google Search Console do?

It connects to your website and it gives you a insight into what’s happening on your website. What we’re going to do is use this data to identify the lowest hanging fruit so that you can very quickly rank on key phrases where you’re almost there, you’re almost getting the traffic and use that to create a traffic plan that creates a significant amount of traffic in a very short period of time.

google website trafficNow, if you don’t have Google Search Console already set up. Just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to and click the blog, there’s a phenomenal tutorial on the blog that shows you exactly how to set this up, how to install it on your website. Send that over to your webmaster. Have them do it so that you can actually get in and utilize this stuff.

Step 2:

From there, what you want to do is use the menu over here on the left hand side and click on where it says search traffic and to get here, just go to Google and type in webmaster tools.

Step 3:

Click on the top link and it’ll say search console. Just Google search console or webmaster tools, click on that link and log into your account. Now, underneath search traffic, you’re going to click on search analytics and under analytics, this is going to show you essentially all of the different key phrases that you’re ranking on and all of the different traffic sources that are actually working for you so it’ll show you down here on the right how many clicks you’re getting from the search engines on your website every month.

This is going to show you where your website is ranking on Google for  keywords.

Click on position and rank the keywords by position. What I’ve done is I’m showing in the last 28 days, we’ve had 1,500 people to our website. We’re converting anywhere from five to 7% of those people to leads through either the live chat function or through people that are actually filling out a form and then requesting a sales consultation with somebody on the sales team, right? What we want is more of that traffic. This is exactly how to get it.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to scroll down here. I’m not going to worry about anything that’s already in the position number one, number two or number three or really number four. What I’m looking for is the big wins and I’m also looking at what we’re doing a good job of for our existing traffic. You can see all of the content that we publish on the blog on how to get reviews.

How to respond to Google reviews?

Google reviews in general, which is a huge part of how we drive actual phone calls for our customers by making sure that they’re well ranked but also that they’re best rated, right? You can see on Google, we’re very well ranked for people that are looking for tips on how to respond to Google reviews, right?

I know that we’ve done a really good job on that traffic but what we’re looking for is this section right here, so anywhere where we’re in the number four position, these are all keywords where we’ve got the opportunity to bump up and get more traffic because when you’re ranked in number one, number two, or number three, that’s what’s going to move you into the map ranking or really where you want your business to be, in that local search map ranking. If you’re number one, number two or number three, the likelihood of you showing up in that map ranking is very high. We want to move from number four to number three.

Now, I’m seeing that keywords are all kind of trending upwards anyway because they’re all related to the same topic. I know I’ve done a good job of that on our blog, so I’m going to keep going. I click the arrow and even though we’ve got 999 to look at, this is where we’re really going to look for an opportunity here. Responding to Google reviews are all good.

The Blog Content

This is our next topic where I’m going to be able to get a really fast ranking, more traffic and more really quality traffic for our particular website.

You can see I’m ranking 8.3 for this specific key phrase, mortgage ads on Facebook. What I’m going to do is shoot a video just like this and the title is going to be mortgage ads on Facebook. The content is going to be incredible. I’ll take one of our examples so we’ve got probably our case study where we’ve got a 63-year-old mortgage broker we’ve got a 507% ROI on his Facebook ads last year. I’ll take that. I’ll turn that into a case study and name it mortgage ads on Facebook, turn it into a blog post, put it on the blog and then, essentially, just wait.

We can drive some backlinks to it but ultimately, because it’s already indexed, it’s already ranking. By giving the search engine content that’s already ranking, we’re just going to watch this key phrase go right up into the top position on Google.

All you do is go in the Search Console, identify a key phrase where you’re not already seeing a lot of long tail key phrases ranking and choose that as your next topic for your blog. Write out your content and potentially shoot your video content and then, blast it out and voila, in about 30 days, you’ll watch this ranking go from number eight to number three or two or one and then you’ll see all of the associated long tail key phrases start to rank with it as well and we’ve just tapped into a whole new source of traffic for the business.

This works exceptionally well for our mortgage customers and this is what our account managers are doing behind the scenes when they’re writing your blog post, when they’re identifying that traffic for you because we’re finding the low-hanging fruit and then capturing that traffic first.

Hope that you found this valuable and that you’re having a great day.

Chris Johnstone is the owner of Connection Inc. His team at Connection Inc. will fill your calendar with qualified sales appointments. We do this using our 4 proprietary marketing systems that we have developed over the last 15 years.   1 We communicate with your past client to immediately, and over time bring in more repeat business, referrals and 5-star reviews on your businesses Google profile. 2 We help you build a targeted list of qualified referral partners, craft an offer that converts them and then make the calls and run the CRM systems that fill your calendar for you. 3 We generate the highest quality inbound leads by using A.I. to rank your business on the map placement on the front page of Google and running the systems that make you the best rated. You get inbound calls that close. 4 We help you install systems that turn every new application and customer that we generate for you into a referral opportunity that doubles your business by turning every opportunity into at least one more deal through referrals. Click Here To Learn How We Can Help You Grow Your Business.

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