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With today’s fast-paced society being highly technologically savvy, having a fast website speed is important to draw in consumers. If your business page takes forever to load, your potential clients will lose interest quickly and instead will seek out another competitor whose page has a faster load time.

To prevent you from losing clients and to help increase your website speed, our team of experts at Connection Incorporated has listed 3 key tips to help you get started.


Why Page Load Time Is Important

As mentioned previously, your website speed, also referred to as your page load time, is important to keep consumers interested. If you have a slow website, you could be creating a negative experience for clients, which won’t fly in today’s time of elevated exceptions combined with little to no patience. This could reduce your conversion rate from clicks to closed loans and could negatively affect your Google rankings.

Google will analyze your company’s website speed and will adjust your rankings based on how fast your page takes to load. This is determined by how quick your internet server takes to upload document files, videos and photos, and how long your website browser takes to make these resources available.

Having a fast page load time can help increase your Google rankings and it can help increase your search engine optimization (SEO).


How To Check Your Website Speed

“Think with Google” is an excellent source to check your website speed online. All you need to do is upload your URL into this link HERE, and Google will do the rest. Once loaded, Google will tell you what your loading time is (in seconds), as well as the estimated percentage of visitor loss due to loading time. “Think with Google” will also compare your website speed with other competitors in your industry in an easy-to-read bar graph.


How To Improve Your Load Time

There are a few useful ways you can increase your website load time to improve your SEO, Google rankings, and ultimately the user experience on your website. One useful way is to optimize your images. Having high-quality photos is important to increase the appeal of your website, however, it can slow down your speed. If the photos on your website are not displayed in full size, then scale them down to their appropriate size so your page can load faster.

Another way to improve your website speed is to have a simple website template. If your website design is complex, this could increase the number of HTTP requests, which affects how fast your website loads.


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