The Value of Search Engine Submission

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Just how valuable is search engine submission and can it help you?

search engine submission

In today’s world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the vast majority of search engines both crawl and index website pages by following links. For example, one inbound link from a page that has already been indexed will recognize your page to the search engine, and if that page links to more pages on your website then they too will be indexed. This is a continuous process that makes inbound linking extremely important. Search engine submission is a great way to recognized and relatively easy to do.

Getting backlinks is arguably the most significant aspect of SEO. Quality backlinks that contain valuable and interesting information to readers is much more likely to be linked to. This is the main factor in how the Google PageRank algorithm works.

Search Engine Submission

So when it comes to search engine submission for your website, should you do it? Probably, yes. Is it absolutely necessary? No. It’s never a bad idea to submit your website and it only really takes about 5 minutes to do so, assuming you’re submitting it to the main ones like Google and Yahoo!. That being said, it is only necessary that you submit your website to a search engine one time. Continuous search engine submission is not going to help your rankings.

Another positive of doing a search engine submission of your website is that it’s fee-free. Search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! don’t require a cost even though some SEO companies will try to tell you that you need to pay in order to have your site indexed. This is not true and it’s a wise idea to stay away from these companies. Some free search engine submission sites are EntireWeb, and Free Web Submission.

In order to see your business succeed online a plan will be needed. You’re going to have to map out step-by-step what your plans are in order to achieve your goal. Too many businesses set sail on the Internet without a clue of what they’re doing or what it is exactly that they want. Often times this will lead to those companies giving up or saying the Internet isn’t right for them. The simple solution to this is to have a map that you can follow to success!

We’ve put together 7 steps that will help you map your plan. It’s not a sure-fire deal where that if you follow them you’re guaranteed to see overnight success, but it is a terrific guideline to follow and it will provide you with a foundation to build on.

1. Select your target market

Too many people start a business by picking a product and then search for people who want to buy it. If this sounds like you, you’re likely going to end up in the wrong destination. A great way to start is to select a market to target and then choose a product that that market is in need of. Basically, rather than look for leads in order to sell your product, find targeted leads and determine what they need and are going to buy.

By owning a mindset of thinking about targeted customers first you are drastically increasing your chances on selling your product. 1,000 website hits is great, but what good is it if none of them generate a sale? Having 10 hits from people who are eager to buy your product is going to be much more beneficial to your business’ success.

2. Product Development

Once you’ve chosen your market you’ll need to find a product or service to develop for that market. There are generally three main ways to selling an online product:

  • a) Offer an exclusive product

Developing your own product means that you can select how much you want to sell it for, create an affiliate program or even sell reprint rights to other companies. Many people don’t realize that this is their best opportunity.

Think outside the box – do you know a family member or friend who is really good at something? Can you turn that into a product to sell and share the rights to it? Are you really good at something?

  • b) Purchase rights to a product

You’re always going to be able to buy rights to certain products to sell. This is a great option if you have identified a product that your target market needs and would like to sell it. People sometimes offer exclusive rights for a product, such as Internet rights, allowing you to sell the product in exchange for a specific percentage of all profits or a one-time fee.

  • c) Join an affiliate program

This is a great option if you’re a beginner in the online world. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you’re selecting a program that your target market is in high demand for. Make sure you’re aware of potential profits you make from sales. It’s a good idea to search for high-priced products that come with a higher commission.

Product Development

3. Generate a Unique Selling Position

Differentiate yourself from the competition by generating a Unique Selling Position (USP). If you’re product or service is too similar to competitors then your customers will have no reason to spend their money on the new kid in town (you). Ask yourself some questions to help with coming up with a unique feature for your product or service: Can I offer something that nobody else can? Can I offer guarantees, exceptional customer service, 24/7 technical support, fast or free shipping or low prices?

Think of what’s going to separate you from everyone else and make you stand out.

4. Choose a Hosting Service and Domain Name

A domain name that includes a description of your company, USP and/or offer is something you’ll need to come up with next. Make sure your domain name is easy to read and type so you don’t have potential customers going to a different site instead of yours by mistake.

A great hosting service is Virtualis. Virtualis has great customer service and offers fast technical support. The best part? They’re available 24/7!

5. Make your website user-friendly

Nothing is more annoying than a website that looks like one big mess and next to impossible to find information on. If you choose to design the website on your own, there are plenty of programs that are available at software stores that can get the job done. Choosing to go with a professional designer is a good option as well if your main business operates offline.

Always think about your customer when designing your site! Make sure navigation is clean and information is easily accessible. Order forms for online credit card orders are a great idea to have to make payment simple for the customer.

Ensure that your product or service’s benefits are clearly listed on the homepage and your USP is easily found. The majority of people never scroll down past what’s already on their screen so take advantage of it. You typically have 5 seconds to capture your audience’s attention, so make it count!

User Friendly website exampleExample of a user-friendly website

6. Offer an incentive

People love a reason to do something. Offering an incentive is a fantastic way to encourage your visitors to act. Free reports, e-books, and product demos are all quality freebies that can help encourage customers to go with you instead of a competitor.

7. Create an Opt-In List

Creating an opt-in list for customers is a smart and effective way to keep them informed and engaged. Weekly newsletters or a Tip of the Day feature give your customers something to look forward to and get excited about.

The more consistent you become with this the better the chances of sales happening. People don’t usually like to act instantly (such as buying the first time they visit your site) but rather wait a bit to see what you’re all about. Having a consistent presence where you’re continuously offering free information or advice to those who sign up is a solid way to build loyalty.

By following these 7 steps you will have a basic plan to build your online business off of. In the competitive and busy world of the Internet, having a map to navigate your way through it is a smart choice and will increase your chances of experiencing success. The search engine submission of your website is only going to help you achieve that success as well. 


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