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Using video content is an excellent way to increase web traffic and drive more sales. In a technological world, digital marketing is used all over to appeal to viewers in a more creative way. To help you get started, the Connection Incorporated Team has listed below helpful tips on how to use video content for digital marketing.

-How Video Content Helps-

Consumers are more likely to view videos than read written content, which means that the more videos you create, the more people you can reach out to. Video content is also a quicker and more simplified way to explain what products and services you offer. If you have an entertaining or informative video, the viewer will be more likely to click on your website for additional information.

Using videos for digital marketing is also useful because it allows you to connect with your clientele on a more personal level. Exposing yourself and your products or services publicly lets viewers put a face to the brand, which can create a more personal connection.

-How To Create Videos-

You do not have to hire a professional and spend hundreds of dollars to create one video. All you need is a smart device that can do the video recording for you; such a smart phone or tablet. Once you have your device, click “record” and say everything you want to say about your product. You want to make sure your video appeals to viewers, so record your clip outside or have an eye-catching background to liven up your content.

Once you have created a video, there are multiple different websites out there that can assist you in the video marketing process. RendrFX, Animoto, Wideo, Biteable, and Powtoon are just a few examples of websites that can create a video for your website and social media. Most of these sites create a template for you to follow, all you have to do is add upload your own content, such as videos, images, audio and text. These websites will then compile all your content together into one stimulating video. A lot of the video creation websites are free to use if you just want to test it out first.

-How To Post Your Video-

Once your video is created, it is time for you to upload it to your website or social media platform. You can upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, and copy the embed code to post on your business webpage. Make sure you post your video towards the top of your page so it is easily accessible to the viewers.

If you are posting a video for social media, make sure you upload it to all your company’s sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then provide a direct link in your video to your business website.

-Contact Us-

For more information on how to use video content for digital marketing, or to learn more ways to help grow your business, please contact the Connection Incorporated Team at 1-855-432-3990.

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