MMA Connect Training Program


MMA Connect is a comprehensive training program that gives all of the tools and instruction needed to create your own tremendously successful marketing campaigns. This collaboration between offline strategist Carl White and online expert Chris Johnstone equips clients with all of the instruction needed to make every second invested in marketing a total pay off!

Carl White and the Mortgage Marketing Animals specialize in training and lifestyle improvement to ensure that professionals are the best they can be. From time management, outreach to past clients and general best practices, Carl and his team teach you how to create and implement successful lifestyle strategies that bring you success.

The MMA Connect program also provides access to private Facebook groups like The Loan Officer Deals Desk designed to create a collaborative effort to marketing by having professionals from all over North America share their successes and failures every step of the way.

Facebook Training Program

Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach potential customers with your personal brand and message. As an official Facebook partner, at Connection Inc. we have mastered Facebook marketing and have developed a system designed to target qualified leads. Our Facebook marketing program uses tools like targeted ads, an automated follow-up system and Chatbots to deliver the highest quality, strongest leads possible.

While you are working your way through the 6 unit curriculum you'll be provided with the assistance of your instructors while they are setting up and monitoring the program for you until you are ready to launch. Think of us as the training wheels that will keep you upright until you're confident that we've taught you the skills you need to ride solo. This program is the perfect opportunity for us to TELL you how it's done, SHOW you how it's done, let you TRY it with our guidance while we OBSERVE and EVALUATE and then REDIRECT and GUIDE as needed.

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