Top 5 Tips That Help Your Website Convert Traffic To Leads

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As a business, your company’s website is one of the main ways you can draw in viewers and display the products and services you offer. To help attract clients to your website, and convert traffic to leads, the Connection Inc. team has listed five helpful tips to achieve this goal.


  1. Include Consumer Reviews

A helpful way to convert traffic is to include consumer reviews on your website. This can be very influential in the decision making process for new customers. Giving them the ability to read first-hand reviews from satisfied customers can help impact their decision in choosing to work with you and your company.


  1. Contact Information:

Add your contact information at the top of your website so viewers can easily contact you. If your business phone number is difficult to find, then you could easily lose the interest of these viewers and they could leave your page out of frustration. The point is to draw in customers and convert them to clients. But in order for this to happen, they need to have easy access to your contact information.


  1. Opt-In Form:

Most visitors that view your page are not ready to fully commit to a deal or purchase a product. They need to think about it, or receive more information first. Give them that option by including an opt-in form. This can convert traffic into leads, by giving the viewers an option to provide their personal information so your employees can reach out and discuss further details.


  1. Add Calendar Link To Book Appointments:

You want your website to be as easily accessible as possible. This includes adding a calendar link where viewers can click on and book an appointment with you and your team. Once they have reviewed your information and know what products and services you offer, they can access your calendar link and start becoming your client.


  1. Include ‘About Us’ Page:

Your website should have an ‘About Us’ to not only market your product, but let your viewers know a little more about yourself. This can create an emotional attachment, build rapport, and help convert traffic into leads. You can also include a photo of you and your team in your ‘About Us’ page so viewers see you a more personal side of you, instead of only viewing you as a business.


Your company website is an excellent tool to expand your clientele and grow your business. If you market well, you can convert your website traffic into leads in no time. For more helpful tips on improving your leads, please contact the Connection Incorporated team at 1-855-432-3990.

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