The Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Loan Officer Business FAST.

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Hey, it’s Chris. And there’s only ten ways to really grow your mortgage business in today’s environment. And I put together a training where I’m going to teach you all ten of them for free. Now, here’s what’s happening. I’m going to give you the first three for free right here. So the first is what we call the Database Activator, and that is reaching out to your database quarterly with four messages.

And you follow the script and we get about 5% of whatever a database size is in new referrals and new business as a result of reaching out to the past customer database. Then we have what we call the Executive Recruiter. This is going out, getting a list of qualified real estate agents and then reaching out to them with a proven script and a proven offer, which we call the Irresistible Offer, which is where you get free leads from your real estate agents, and they’ll send over their database or leads that they’ve purchased already from Zillow or Boomtown or any of those other sources.

You get the leads for free. You also get the mortgage applications from those leads, and we give you the scripts and the follow up process to actually convert those leads as well. Now, the third out of the ten campaigns that you can use to grow your mortgage business right now is what we call the Pre-approved and Referring campaign.

Now, there’s a lot of people in the marketplace that got a little bit fed up with the housing market when it went all crazy right now with rates going back up. It’s an incredible time for you to reengage those people, get them back into the marketplace, get them excited, get them read applied and get them into an actual loan.

This is a great way to generate more deals for your realtors because they have list of those people that you can follow up with. Right. And then you’ve got all your pre-approval that you can go back to and reengage and turn into new business because of the new opportunity that exists in the marketplace. Now, that’s only three of the ten campaigns, and I’m running a free training where I’m going to walk you through all ten.

I’m going to show you the script. I’m going to show you how we actually get other people to make the calls for you so that your calendar fills up with new application appointments and new appointments with qualified realtors that want to send you business. One of the other campaigns out of the ten is actually a strategy that you can use to go get financial planners, wealth planners, CPAs and lawyers in your local marketplace to refer you business as well.

And that comes free list from every deal that you do. I think you’re absolutely going to love that strategy as well. So underneath this video is going to be a link where you can register for that training for free. It’s about 25 minutes long. It’s not going to take too much of your time, but it’s going to legitimately show you how in any market conditions out there in the mortgage business, you can grow by following a proven road map and use proven scripts and systems in order to generate more mortgage business.

I cannot wait to see you on the event. Hope you have a fantastic day and I’ll talk to you soon.

A thriving Canadian entrepreneur. A loving father and husband. A blossoming philanthropist. The CEO of an innovative Digital Marketing Agency. Johnstone has mastered the art of digital marketing on numerous platforms (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram - to name a few) which has given him the unique ability to assist hundreds of loan officers, realtors, lawyers, financial planners, and insurance agents with growing their businesses online. He continues to grow his skills and hone his craft and is ready to bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest in the digital marketing world!

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