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Coffee Mug & Mobile Phone with Forex Chart

June 2023 Fed Interest Rate Announcement and its Impact on the Mortgage Professionals

The Federal Reserve's (Fed) interest rate announcement has generated significant interest and speculation, particularly within the mortgage industry, particularly among mortgage professionals. Here’s…
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Mortgage Video Marketing - Transforming Your Marketing with AI Video Creation

Mortgage Video Marketing: Transforming Your Marketing with A.I. Video Creation

Are you struggling to rank your mortgage business on the front page of Google? Are you looking for ways to boost your online…
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SEO for Mortgage Brokers - Connection Inc.

SEO for Mortgage Brokers: The Benefits and How Connection Incorporated Can Help

As a mortgage broker, you understand that the online marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. Consumers are using search engines to find the best…
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Mortgage Marketing | Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Benefits of Using AI in Marketing Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed many industries, and marketing is no exception. In fact, AI-powered marketing is becoming more prevalent in the mortgage…
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Digital Marketing Agency - Get Referrals From Partners You Haven't Met

How to Get Referrals from Real Estate, Insurance, and Financial Planning Partners You Have Never Met

Hey, I hope everybody's doing well! I am here at the Mortgage Marketing Animals and Freedom Club 3 day event here in Dallas,…
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Online Marketing - Discover How We Have Increased Our Response 10X

Discover How We Are Getting a 10X Response from the Ad Sets in this Campaign

Hey, everyone! It's Chris Johnstone here! We are getting a 10X response on our Facebook Ads using this funky new strategy and I…
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Mortgage Marketing - Join Me at the NAMB Focus Event in FL!

Join Me at the NAMB Focus Event in Florida Next Week!

Mortgage Marketing - Growing Your Business Online What's up, everybody! I hope you're having a fantastic day! I wanted to give you some…
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Connection Incorporated Recognized as a Leading Advertising & Marketing Firm in Canada!

  We have an amazing announcement to share with you! Connection Incorporated is a leader in the business of SEO marketing and making…
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Frank Kern and Chris Johnstone Discuss How To Get More Customers Using Online Marketing

Frank Kern and Chris Johnstone Discuss How To Get More Customers Using Online Marketing

Chris Johnstone: Well hello everybody. I'm lucky enough to be here with Mr. Frank Kern. As you probably know, my name's Chris Johnstone…
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The Electric Scooter Revolution And What It Means For Your Mortgage Business

The Electric Scooter Revolution and Mortgages Hey! What’s up, everybody? It’s Chris and I hope you’re having a fantastic day! Today we are…
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