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Watch Our Chat Boy Help With a Mortgage Deal - Mortgage Marketing

Watch Our Chat Bot Help Win a Mortgage Deal!

 Hey everybody, it's Chris Johnstone here. I hope you're having a fantastic day! In this video, I'm going to show you our…
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Mortgage Marketing - Doubling Your Response

Doubling the Response from Your Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns!

  Hey everybody, it's Chris! I hope you're having a fantastic day. We just finished our morning meeting with our operations department and…
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Learn How Our Chat Bots Make Your Mortgage Leads Jump!

Our Chat Bots Make Your Leads Jump!

Learn How Our Chat Bots Make Your Mortgage Leads Jump! Hey, what's up, everybody? I was just going through one of our staff…
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Advanced Facebook Targeting

Advanced Facebook Targeting

How to generate better quality leads, more referrals, and more deals from your Real Estate partners with hyper-focused targeting! There is a simple…
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Loan Officer Deal Desk

Announcing The Loan Officer Deal Desk!

The Loan Officer Deal Desk What's up, everybody! It's Chris Johnstone and I help mortgage professionals grow their businesses using digital advertising with…
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Facebook Chatbots- online marketing

Facebook Chatbots

The is the first time Connection Incorporated is publicly talking about Facebook Chatbots – a phenomenal part of our Done-For-You program!   Facebook…
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Facebook Marketing- Modifying your campaigns

How to Look At And Modify The Campaigns You Have Inside The Agent LO System

Done-For-You Program The Done-For-You program has been expertly designed by our team to make growing and marketing your business as hands off for…
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The Facebook Pixel- Facebook marketing

The Facebook Pixel

What’s Changing The Facebook Ads Manager has officially limited a significant amount of targeting options that have previously been available in the past.…
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Facebook Advertising- What to say when your leads call back

What to Say When Your Leads Call Back

What We Offer When you’re working with the Connection Inc. team on your Facebook Advertising, we will help you determine which campaign(s) are…
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digital marketing- it's all about the return on investment

It’s All About The ROI

If you want control over the growth of your income, you must have control over the scale of your leads and closings. To…
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