Setting up Google My Business Page (Updated Version)

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Google has always been an excellent tool for businesses to partake in online marketing. With the new updated version for Google My Business, they are making it that much easier for you to market your company.

To help you get started, our team at Connection Incorporated is here to inform you about the new changes regarding setting up your Google My Business page.


1. You Can Now Add Business Descriptions

Through your Google My Business page, you are now able to add a description about your business directly to your local listings on Google. Now when clients search for your business through the Google search engine or through Google Maps, your business description will be displayed in the knowledge panel.

To make this happen, all you need to do is log in to your Google My Business page, and select “Info”, which is located in the “Menu” bar. Then click on the button that says “Add business description.” Once you click on the writing utensil icon, you can add important information about your business that was previously unavailable to customers via your Google My Business page.


2. Insert Calendar Links And Set Up Bookings

You are now able to insert calendar links and use a third-party provider to set up bookings directly through your Google My Business page. This helps make the booking process easier and with the automatic reminders feature, your client will be notified regularly so they do not miss their appointments.

To enable this feature, go to the “Bookings” tab, click the menu button, and then select “Choose a booking provider.”  Once you select the provider you want, this scheduling feature will be directly linked to your Google My Business page within one week. You can then share your bookings link on every social media account you have.


3. Set Up The Chat Feature For Clients

When clients search for your business on Google, they can now directly message you through the new Chat feature. This is a great way to share news and updates on your business and it allows you to answer any questions clients may have.

To enable this feature, sign in to your Google My Business page and click on “Messaging” located in the “Home” menu bar. You will then need to provide a phone number that can receive text messages. Once this information is provided, it will be updated to Google and clients can immediately start reaching out to you.

An important thing to note with this feature is that your personal mobile number is not displayed to clients. Instead, a verified Google phone number is displayed in the chat, so you don’t have to worry about potential clients getting access to a phone number you are not using for business calls. You can also turn the chat feature off and back on again at any time!


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