Local Seach Optimization Services


SEO Experts generate rankings, reviews, customers and profit for your business.

Our SEO Experts build campaigns that generate quality traffic and customers for years to come.


We help get you to the top of Google and your other top traffic sources for your targeted search phrases and customers.


Our SEO process also includes a customized online reputation strategy to help you turn more of your new traffic into customers using online reviews.


We help your business grow by making you the top rated and ranked business for your target market.  When customers search for what you are selling our SEO and reputation service makes sure you are the obvious first choice.

Effective Local SEO Solutions

Keyword Research and Traffic Plan

Profitable SEO is all about finding the traffic that is searching using phrases that have Purchase Intent for what you have to sell!  

We use our proprietary internal system to analyze your business, your competitors and launch a profitable campaign in your business.

Website Overhaul

Generating revenue from your website depends on two crucial parts.  Traffic and Conversion.    We overhaul your site to make you google friendly so we can quickly move you to the front page. 

Then we apply our 14 step conversion blueprint to make sure your website is working to convert your new traffic into leads and customers!

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Quality Ongoing Content

We view your web presence as an opportunity to showcase you as an industry leader that is worthy of ranking in the #1 spot.  All of our ranking processes are designed to give the search engines the information they want. There are no tricks. Just quality work. 

Our white hat approach means that the quality of your site and Content Is King.  Every client we accept gets a custom ongoing content plan to help you out rank your competition.

Video Creation And Optimization

Video helps us move your site to the top of the search engines faster.  We use our custom internal process to create simple videos based on your testimonials, brand and content.  Each video is then syndicated to the highest quality online video communities to help expand your brand and your rankings.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Social Syndication

We manually submit your website, new blogs and video content to all your social channels and our internal syndication network. This creates additional exposure to your brand driving new leads, clients, traffic and rankings for your business.

Quality Backlinks

The search engines want to show the most reputable businesses at the top of their search engines.  Back links are a clear indicator that a site is reputable. 

(A back link is when another site online places a reference to your website and includes a hyperlink to your site.)

Our unique link building strategy builds high quality local, contextual and authority links to your website.  By focusing on real links we drive both rank and new customers for your business.

By combining this process with our reputation management process we help make you the most reputable business to both new customers and the search engines! 

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Hand Picked Citations

In order to show up in local search results you have to show up on all the highest quality local business directories. These are also known as citations.

Your campaign manager reverse engineers your market to make sure that over time your business is properly listed in all of the local business directories in your market.

Database Marketing and Reputation Management

We work with you to analyze your database and connect with your "brand advocates."

We help you place effective systems in your business to motivate your happy clients to spread your products and services to their social networks.

This marketing process is 100% unique to Connection Inc.  It generates repeat business and referrals from past clients while at the same time making you the top rated business in your niche.  Combined with our ranking work you become the top ranked and rated company that show up when new customers are looking for what you have to sell!

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Analytics and Reporting

Your account manager provides you a transparent and detailed report of everything that is happening on your account each month. 

We work with you to ensure you understand what is happening behind the scenes and how our efforts are resulting in a direct ROI for you.

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