Running The Mortgage Marathon with Mark Cohen: Mortgage Marketing Lessons from the #1 Mortgage Broker in the U.S.

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Welcoming you to a special edition of ‘The Loan Officer Wealth Podcast’. Today, host Chris Johnstone sat down with Mark Cohen, the #1 mortgage broker in the U.S. and the top Non-QM originator according to The Scotsman Guide. Mark had some golden nuggets of mortgage marketing ideas, advice and experiences to share. So, let’s dive in!

The Journey of a Mortgage Mogul:

It’s not every day that you get to chat with the #1 mortgage broker in the U.S., especially one known for his potent mortgage marketing ideas. But when you do, you start with the big numbers. With 25,500 loans closed, totaling over a whopping $15.75 billion, Mark Cohen’s 36-year journey in helping families is nothing short of astonishing.

The conversation took a delightful detour when Chris brought up running. Our mortgage legend is an avid long-distance runner. The discipline, the self-drive, and the will to keep going, Mark revealed, are lessons he carries from his running to his business. Whether it’s a 5-mile run or navigating the mortgage industry’s ups and downs, it’s the long-term game that counts.

Discipline: The Game-Changer in Mortgages and Marathons:

Both Chris and Mark shared a mutual love for running and how it requires immense self-discipline. Mark drew an interesting parallel between running and his business. Both are long-term games. You don’t get instant satisfaction. It’s about cultivating trust and patience over time. It’s these very attributes that have steered his mortgage marketing strategy, helping him navigate the cycles and uncertainties of the mortgage world.

Keeping In Touch: The Art of Newsletters:

Mark’s mortgage marketing ideas shine through in his newsletters. In an age where digital information gets bombarded at us, Mark stands out with his consistent and informative newsletters. written by him, with inputs from his marketing team, they are sent out weekly to a large database including CPAs, business managers, and past and present clients. As Mark puts it, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Building Long-Term Relationships:

When it comes to building and maintaining relationships, especially with referral partners, Mark has the game sorted. His mortgage marketing ideas extend beyond the digital realm as he has built strong bonds with real estate brokers, CPAs, and business managers. A pivotal moment in his career came when he connected with CPAs and business managers from City National Bank.

Adapting to The Changing Times:

With property tax affecting home sales in LA and the evolving dynamics of the mortgage market, Mark underscores the importance of being adaptable. Being a keen observer of mortgage marketing trends, he believes staying informed and flexible is the key.

Exploring New Market Ventures:

Chris also probed Mark’s strategy when exploring new market ventures. Mark emphasized the importance of partnerships and leveraging expertise. In his case, he relies on a friend who’s an expert in commercial mortgages.

Marketing and Advertising:

Delving deeper into mortgage marketing ideas, Mark shared some of his methods:

– Quarterly advertisements in the LA Business Journal.
– Weekly promotions in the Caravan MLS.
– Investing in social media marketing, a move influenced by some real estate broker pals.
– Mark also highlighted that collaborating with experts proficient in mortgage marketing has provided a great return on investment.

The Power of Communication and Reviews:

Clear communication with clients is paramount for Mark. Personal touches, like sending thank-you notes to clients, are at the heart of his mortgage marketing strategy. He’s also delving into the realm of Google reviews.

Social Media Strategy:

Discussing his mortgage marketing endeavors on social platforms, Mark reiterated the importance of seeking professional help. He emphasized how beneficial it has been for him to collaborate with a seasoned marketing person rather than trying to navigate the maze of digital marketing on his own.

Technology and Its Future Impact:

Lastly, the duo discussed the rapid evolution of technology in the mortgage industry. Mark admitted that the breakneck speed of technological advancements, especially with artificial intelligence, is a bit intimidating. He believes that while technology plays an indispensable role, there’s still a need for a personal touch in their industry. The pandemic has only accelerated these technological shifts, making adaptability a crucial trait in today’s business world.

Stay Connected with Mark Cohen, Cohen Financial Group:

For those wishing to connect with Mark or seek more insights, he can be reached via his webpage,, or directly through his email, . He also prides himself on being accessible by phone at 310-77-5401, valuing direct communication with clients.

Chris wrapped up this edition of the Mortgage Podcast by thanking Mark for his insights. If you’re in the mortgage industry, seeking insights or innovative mortgage marketing ideas, tune in to The Loan Officer Wealth Podcast. Chris and guests like Mark have tons to share!

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