Discover How We Are Getting a 10X Response from the Ad Sets in this Campaign

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Hey, everyone! It’s Chris Johnstone here!

We are getting a 10X response on our Facebook Ads using this funky new strategy and I wanted to share it with you today.

Ad Compounding

This is the power of compounding intelligent lead generation.

This works for any locally based business that is looking to attract customers.

If you are business-to-consumer, as in a mortgage company, insurance company, a lawyer, dentist, doctor, chiropractor, or real estate agent, you should jump on this information because it really is a groundbreaking thing that we’ve helped discover that gets a much better response and can be scaled at a local level.

What we’re doing is we’re using the power of ad compounding.

It is getting us a 10X return on our advertising spend, as far as the amount of reach in regard to the people that we can get in front of by showing multiple, valuable messages to a cold target audience.

What that means is that we’re going to the marketplace and we’re using Facebook and Instagram targeting options to target a specific person or type of person.

This could be people that are interested in mortgages or people that are interested in real estate.

Instead of just showing them one ad, like a lot of non-savvy advertisers are doing, we’re showing videos to these people that have valuable information in them.

Then we are showing them multiple valuable messages over time.

We’re seeing a huge increase in people responding and opting-in over time and we’re seeing more closed deals coming out the back end of the funnel as a result of this style of advertising.

Then we’re getting a better response using omnichannel marketing, which I’m going to teach you in the next video that you’re going to see from me.

See for Yourself

This is a shot of our advertising account.

This is one ad set in one day from a couple of days ago.

You can see inside this advertising campaign we have 10 different ad sets.

The ad sets at the bottom are ad sets that we have been running for two and a half months now.

We have cycled seven different videos, all very helpful and all very useful, with just a very light call to action at the end of them.

These messages have been showing to that cold audience.

Look down there at those continuity audiences.

You can see we’re spending $100 per day, per ad set.

You can see the number of video watches and the number of video plays that we’re getting are 10X the amount that we’re getting on the cold audiences that we’re doing at the top.

What we’re doing is we’re branching out with our advertising trying to get more people into our funnel.

Those audiences that you see at the top, the six of them, are only reaching 469 people, 587 people, 838 people.

They’re still costing $100 a day that we’re investing into those advertising campaigns, but when you look at the continuity audiences at the bottom, we’re getting 4,872 people 9,000 people, over 10,000 people seeing those ads for the exact same amount of budget.

The only difference is that the four ad sets at the bottom have had ads running to them every day for months and they’ve gotten multiple, valuable messages.

The Benefits

We’re getting two big benefits here!

The first is that Facebook is seeing that as an Advertiser we’re being consistent with our budget and we are being rewarded for that.

Also, the helpful content that we’re putting into the news feeds of these people are getting likes, comments, shares, and positive feedback and we are building affinity and brand awareness within those audiences.

The more positivity that Facebook see’s on our advertisements, the more they’re opening up their reach and training the algorithm on who our perfect customer is so that data can be used in these audiences.

We’re going to continue advertising to these cold audiences because we know in two and a half months we’re going to have a 10X better advantage over our competitors that are just turning on ads letting them run for a month or two months and then saying “Oh, hey, it’s really hard to reach these people” and turning off the ads.

Key Components

There are three key components in order to make a video message that bond’s you with your audience and gets you this type of lift.

The first are quality and value.

Your content must target a specific avatar.

You have to know exactly who you’re talking to and help that person answer a question or give specific value toward their purchase with you.

Remember, when these people see your videos or your ads for the first time, they’ve never heard of you – they don’t know who you are and they are skeptical.

By educating them through the mortgage process or the legal process or the real estate process (or whatever it is that they’re interested in), you can make them feel more confident and educated about their buying decision and you can make yourself more attractive to them.

This makes them want to get more information from you and moved further down your funnel.

One advertising message isn’t going to do it.

You need to have frequency!

Which is the second key component.

We’re seeing a 10X effect after that cold audience has seen seven individual pieces of video content from us.

We started noticing a significant lift after 3 video pieces but we’ve seen that it gets even more significant after they’ve got to that 7th video.

If you can put together seven core questions that your customers have about buying your product or service or things that keep them up at night, produce seven short helpful videos on those specific topics and then show them to people over time in their newsfeed, you will get a much better response.

Then the third key component is bond and engagement.

All of your educational content needs to have an offer, a call to action and a shortcut to closing.

This is what helps you get the final results.

If somebody sees the first video and goes “Oh wow! This is amazing. I understand that this person can help me and I want to move to the next step” they have to understand how to take that next step.

Done for You

If you would like my agency to help you with this, leave a comment below and say “Hey, I want to consult! Help me map this out in my business!”

From there, we will set aside a free half-hour strategy call with one of our Account Managers.

They will help you map out the blueprint for implementing this in your personal business.

If you get through the call and still really want to implement this in your business, but aren’t sure you have the time to dedicate to doing it yourself, our team has the perfect solution.

Our program offers you the opportunity to have one of our extremely talented Account Manager do this for you!

Inner Circle

If that’s not an avenue you want to go down, you better head on over to

That is a brand new monthly membership where I’m publishing a newsletter, with findings like this in it, and it campaign framework every single month for you to implement in your business to get more customers from your online marketing.

Much of what I teach in those campaign frameworks is how to properly structure your advertising campaigns from the very beginning so that you don’t waste money on your advertising campaigns.

In the video above, you can see an example of what is included in this newsletter.

It shows an overall five-step process for how you should approach all of your online marketing and your marketing in general.

It starts with the value videos, just like this one, that you show to a cold audience.

The people that watch 25% or more of that video go into a retargeting audience.

That retargeting audience then sees a call to action to either book a strategy call with you, book an appointment at your office, attend one of your training webinars, or take the next step in the process to become a customer with you.

Once that person has raised their hand and say “Hey, I’m going to the next step. I’m going to book a consultation or I’m going to attend a webinar or whatever it is”, you need to move that person into another marketing funnel called the conversion funnel.

All that does is shows ads that aren’t “pitchy” to get them to take the next step while showing videos that depict stories of success from past customers, past customer testimonials and value statements about what your business stands for and who you have helped.

This way, while they’re going through the sales process, they get reaffirming messages on their social media accounts and YouTube and Google that shows them that you’re the right option for them to be working with.

Then we spread that marketing message across what we call an omnichannel distribution platform.

Really it’s just Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

Once somebody comes into your inner circle and they are thinking about becoming a customer of yours, you want to send those people messages through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google through advertisements that get them to send you more business from them being a customer – in other words, sending you referrals.

You want to turn your converted customers into a value-add and get the lifetime customer value as high as you possibly can within your business.

Those omnichannel referral messages help to create that culture of referrals.

If you would like help implementing any of these strategies I highly recommend you go over to

I’ve written you a beautiful letter over there to show you what’s included so you can better decide whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

I think you’re absolutely going to love it!

If you would like a one-on-one strategy call with one of our Account Managers, just go ahead and leave a comment below this video or send a message to us via

I hope you enjoyed this video and hope you found it helpful.

I’m really looking forward to seeing your videos and helping you create an even better response in your business.

Chris Johnstone is the owner of Connection Inc. His team at Connection Inc. will fill your calendar with qualified sales appointments. We do this using our 4 proprietary marketing systems that we have developed over the last 15 years.   1 We communicate with your past client to immediately, and over time bring in more repeat business, referrals and 5-star reviews on your businesses Google profile. 2 We help you build a targeted list of qualified referral partners, craft an offer that converts them and then make the calls and run the CRM systems that fill your calendar for you. 3 We generate the highest quality inbound leads by using A.I. to rank your business on the map placement on the front page of Google and running the systems that make you the best rated. You get inbound calls that close. 4 We help you install systems that turn every new application and customer that we generate for you into a referral opportunity that doubles your business by turning every opportunity into at least one more deal through referrals. Click Here To Learn How We Can Help You Grow Your Business.

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