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Hey everybody, it’s Chris Johnstone here. I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

In this video, I’m going to show you our mortgage Chat Bot actually winning a deal from another bank and bringing it to our mortgage client as a result of this very cool technology and a phenomenal job done by our mortgage professional. This is an actual, real-life example, of our technology using Facebook to get in front of the right buyer, at the right time, with the right message and using it to convert that deal over to our client.

How the Process Works

Up until this point, we are running an ad on Facebook targeting people in a local marketplace that are interested in mortgages. We used all of the extremely advanced optimization methods that we do for all of our clients to make sure that we were actually targeting our ads to quality people.

This person was one of those people that we targeted with the ad.

He saw the ad, clicked on it, and it started this automated messaging conversation on Facebook Messenger with our mortgage customer.

Here’s how the process starts. They replied to the ad, and the ad basically says “If you have an offer from your bank, use our brand new automated tool to find out if there are better options for you.” So the lead comes in, clicks on start now.

The Chat Bot says: Okay, great. What are you looking to do?

Lead: Purchase home.

Chat Bot: Great. What price range are you in?

Lead: 400 to 750 thousand.

Chat Bot: Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage in that price range?

Lead: Yes.

Chat Bot: Okay great. Would you like us to double-check your current pre-approval to see if we can offer a more competitive rate?

Lead: Yes.

Chat Bot: Excellent. Do you know your credit score?

Lead: Yes. Phenomenal credit.

Chat Bot: Awesome. Looks like we can help you. Okay, let’s get started.

Lead: Can’t talk right now.

What Happens When the Lead Goes Cold?

Now check this out – here’s where the lead goes dead. He’s at work, while he’s going through this process. He’s at work, surfing Facebook, probably on the down low, right? He interacts with the ad, gets to this point in the process and he says “I can’t talk right now.”

No problem. What’s the best number to reach you at? And then the bot reaches out one more time and says, “What’s your phone number?” The lead goes dead.

The mortgage professional then picks it up at this point and sends him a personalized message. “We can schedule a time to have a quick chat by phone at your convenience. What time, date and phone number works best for you?”

The lead responds back, not to say yes, get me on the phone and sell me. He says, “I already had an approval from my bank. Here’s when my deal is closing. Should I bother to have it matched?” The mortgage professional then answers back, with a scenario of what the difference could be, because they know the competitor. They know what rate they’ve probably been offered.

So that then triggers the lead to go, Wow! This tool actually worked. This is amazing. I can get a better option through a broker.  I’m going to go through the process.

Now, I can’t show you all of the information that’s in this chat, because obviously, it’s private. So what I’m going to do is just blur out the screen a little bit, but what I really want you to see here is that this conversation goes on over a two day period. And this lead sends over all their information, as far as their credit score, really everything that this mortgage professional needs in order to qualify the deal.

They actually follow a link, send in all the documentation, and then they say, “I just emailed you over all the documents. Please let me know if you got them.”

This lead has now successfully been converted from thinking that they were going to close their loan at another financial institution, to now, funding their loan with our mortgage professional, as a result of this technology.

Working the Leads

Now one big takeaway for you is to notice how the mortgage professional is working the lead. They stayed on the communication channel that the lead wanted to communicate in. Our first message back to the lead was, “Hey, what time and date are good for you to get on the phone?” They ignored the question and immediately responded back and said, “Here’s who I’ve got my deal with. Here’s my offer. Can you do better?” That’s the person saying, “I’m too scared to get on the phone with you, ’cause I feel like this is going to be a high-pressure pitch.”

This is social media, right? I clicked on an ad on Facebook. I don’t really think that you’re a legit company. So we stayed on the communication channel that the client chose, and used that to win the deal.

Now we have a submitted deal, ready to go, and have never even picked up the phone and talked to the client. It all happened through an automated conversation that was started on Facebook Messenger and then finished with an excellent close through our mortgage professional.

So congratulations to our mortgage professional! Phenomenal job on converting this lead.

Mortgage Marketing Consultation

If you would like to start closing loans from quality borrowers that are on Facebook, you should definitely set up a consultation with one of our account managers. What we’ll do is we’ll get on the phone with you for half an hour, get to know your business and really who your perfect customer is. Then we will help you map out a strategy to go optimize your Facebook campaign, to go find that person, and convert them into a closed deal.

It might be a Chat Bot campaign like this. It might be one of our Survey Campaigns. It might be a Calculator Campaign. It might even be a Real Estate Campaign, for buyer and seller leads if you’re looking to get more referrals from your realtor partners. Doesn’t really matter what the campaign is. What matters is you have an end goal for your business of a number of deals and an amount of revenue that you want to generate in the next year. We can help you build a plan to get to that revenue goal and do it in a very short period of time.

So if you’d like one of those consultations, feel free to just say “Yes, hook me up Chris!”

One of the things that you should know about that consultation is that at the end, you will have a clear plan on how to go out and get your perfect customer. If we feel you would be a good fit to be our customer, that person on the phone is going to ask you, “Would you like us to help you with that?” And if you say yes, because you just want it done, and you want it done professionally, and you want your campaigns to work, we’re going to potentially give you the opportunity to become one of our customers.

Right now is essentially your last opportunity to get in at the lower price point before we raise our management fees in the next 30 days or so.

We’re going to give you massive value on that call. It’s very low key. And at the end if you see the value and having us do it for you, which there is obviously tremendous value in us doing it for you, you can just go ahead and get started on the program right on that call.

Our team is really looking forward to helping you grow your business using digital mortgage marketing! Contact us now to get your free consultation set up!



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