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Bringing in new business is important for growing your mortgage company and digital marketing is an awesome way to do this. It is important to ensure you are getting leads from your website, from Google, and from Facebook. However, Facebook ads can be a great tool for bringing in a large volume of leads quickly, at a relatively low cost, and can therefore help and expand your business faster than other digital marketing channels.

Facebook Ad Campaign

An example of one of our fantastic Facebook ad campaigns that you can try is our Open House/ Realtor campaign. The purpose of this is ad is to capture leads early on in the residential buying process. We target those who are browsing the market but have not started working with a broker or realtor yet and don’t know where to go next. A few examples of these ads are:

Mortgage Marketing - FB Ad Campaign

Mortgage Marketing - FB Ad Campaign 2

Mortgage Marketing - FB Ad Campaign 3

Facebook marketing for a mortgage professional is important to get your name out there and attract those who have not started working with a broker or lender yet. These ads are designed to target potential homeowners early in the buying process so they can create leads for mortgage brokers and realtors.

As the buyers search through their Facebook Newsfeed, this campaign shows up where they can easily click on the ad and takes them to a landing page to get access to a list of open houses. It also offers the option to reach out to you for any inquiries or questions they may have. This benefits both mortgage lenders and realtors because once the future homebuyer clicks on our ad and becomes into contact with a local mortgage lender, they can immediately get pre-approved. Once the pre-approval process is finished, the lender can then send the lead to their real estate partners.

Quick Set-Up and Overview

To start, head to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a new campaign with the objective ‘Lead Generation’.

Follow the prompts through the set-up, selecting the area you would like to target, the Business Page that you will run your ads from, etc.

Once you get to Ad Targeting, here are some examples of some interests you can use:, Zillow, Buy a House, and For Sale by Owner. Some exclusions include: the Mortgage Loan Officer- Job Title, and the Real Estate Agent / Broker- Job Title.

Select your budget and schedule.

From there, you will also need to create a Lead Form Landing Page, here is an example of one you could use:

Mortgage Marketing - Quick Set-Up and Overview

The landing page is synced with a CRM, which we recommend using Agent Legend. This is a follow up system that includes features such as, text message follow up, email follow up and voicemail drop. This takes the initial workload of following up with your clients off your plate. We suggest sending out a follow up voicemail, text, and email the day of.

Here is an example of the email follow up:

SUBJECT: [Firstname]

You requested some information about open houses in our area.

Here is the link:

One more important note. We monitor hundreds of different loan programs to find the best interest rate, the lowest down payments, the lowest total cost loans and we put all of our findings together in a custom home loan report.

Just reply back and let me know, is later today or tomorrow morning the best time to chat so we can get over that report that you need?

You can also call me at [Insert Agent Legend Phone] and I will rush that custom home loan report over to you.

Talk soon,


Here at Connection Inc., we understand the importance of building Facebook campaigns that generate a positive return on investment. We provide a complete Facebook marketing strategy that includes a unique approach into building out your brand, creating leads, and allowing your company to grow.

What’s included in our program is:
– Personal Facebook Ad Consultation
– Purchase Intent Keyword Selection
– Three Custom Facebook Campaigns
– Custom Ad Images
– Website Conversion Optimization & Custom Landing Page
– Ongoing Optimization
– Report

Here are a few Campaign Types that we offer:
– General Purchase Campaign
– First-Time Home Buyers Campaign
– Refinance Campaign
– Second Mortgage Campaign
– Private Mortgage Campaign
– Credit Repair Campaign
– Real Estate Referral Campaign
– Free Report Campaign
– Retargeting Campaign

Our clients are experiencing fantastic results from our program, with costs per lead as low as $2.33!

Here are some screenshots from our client’s ad accounts for the campaign detailed above:

Mortgage Marketing - Client Ad Accounts 1

Mortgage Marketing - Client Ad Accounts 2

Mortgage Marketing - Client Ad Accounts 3

Mortgage Marketing - Client Ad Accounts 4

Mortgage Marketing - Client Ad Accounts 5

For more of a detailed description of our program, or to get a FREE consultation with our team click HERE!

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