How to Look At And Modify The Campaigns You Have Inside The Agent LO System

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Done-For-You Program

The Done-For-You program has been expertly designed by our team to make growing and marketing your business as hands off for you as possible. When you sign onto the Done-For-You program, we pre-program everything for you and have the ability to run every type of mortgage lead generate campaign you can think of.

Here at Connection Incorporated, we do both general buyer and open house campaigns, we integrate these with our live chat campaigns, we run them through the survey campaigns, we do veteran loans, refinancing, second mortgages, Zolo leads, Boomtown leads—pretty much any lead generation source that you can think of, we have a follow up system inside Agent Legend LO. Even if you come up with another type of lead you want us to help you generate, we can absolutely generate those types of leads from Facebook for you.

If you are not currently on our Done-For-You program, make sure you reach out to the Connection Incorporated team at to get signed up today.

Viewing Your Account

For those who have an Agent Legend LO account, the response rate percentage is listed on the main page after you log in. You will then be able to see the overall health of your campaign and can explore each of the campaigns to see how they are performing. You can click on the number of prospects to view all the prospects that are inside the account and from there you are able to view the message(s) that have been sent to those prospects and whether or not they have responded to your message(s). When they have responded, you can also see what type of response mechanism they used (text, email or call) and it will show you which return you got. You can also, of course, view the messages they sent you.

If you have signed up for Agent Legend LO, but haven’t logged into your account yet, it’s a good idea to do so to see how the system is responding and to keep track of your messages.

Third Party Lead Source

If you have a third-party lead source that you want to hook up or you want to go beyond the template that we create for you, you can create a new campaign. We do not suggest messing with the existing campaigns we have set up for you because we are seeing 40% to 60% response rates as a result. However, if you have a new lead generation source or are trying something on your own and you want to build your out a new campaign, you are more than welcome to do so and you will be able to monitor the effectiveness of that new campaign in your account as well.

How It Works: Example

– Click on “new Campaign”

When you go into agent legend you can pick a campaign template in the drop-down menu bar, such as buyer leads campaign CI. The CI stands for the Connection Incorporated templates that we have already created.

– Click “next”

Now it’s going to ask you to record your Day 1 voicemail. A voicemail script is provided for you, however, if you are building your own campaign you do not have to use this template.

To help you get organized, we recommend you think out the end goal of what it is you want in your campaign and write it all out in a document. An example would be a 100% email sequence:

Email #1: send immediately
– write your subject and what you wish to include in the main message of the email
– write out all the different emails for the different days
– have it all organized in one document

** TIP ** If you have a Mac, hitting the function key (fn) twice turns on the auto recording device and your computer will type out everything you say. That way you can get your ideas on paper. When you initially start putting your ideas down, do not worry about the structure of the document or any spelling errors. Instead, set a time in your schedule 24+ hours later and re-read your document and fix spelling mistakes you have, to help freshen your thoughts.

Once you have your document organized and you start a new campaign, you can just read it straight from your document.

To record your voice message, after you have created a new campaign, you simply call the phone number listed on the page, which will give you a recording ID. The automated voice will then tell you to punch in your code. After you’ve done so the automated voice will say, “okay get ready to record your message in 3…2…1… BEEP.” At the end of your recording it will ask if you are happy with your message and if so, the screen will automatically update in real time. After the screen updates, you can re-listen to the ring-less voicemail that you created

When your voicemail is completed you go to the next stage, which will ask you to go through the process again for the Day 3 voicemail (depending on which template you chose). If you created your scripts into one document, you can go through this process incredibly fast. Once this step is completed you clicked “finish” to create your new campaign.

Once you click finish you have all your messages pre-programmed and you can see the sequence.

Day 1
– Voicemail
– Email
– Text message

Day 2
– Text message

Day 3
– Ring-less Voicemail #1
– Ring-less Voicemail #2
– Text message

If you wish to make changes, you can click on the edit button and change the voicemail, email or text message. You can get really creative with this tool and add in whatever you would like, such as images.

Then you program when you want these forms of communication to go out after the lead opts in.

Example: Day 1: voicemail immediately, text 15 minutes later, email 45 minutes later

Program it for whenever you want to follow-up, such as 3 days later, etc. Once this information is filled in, click save and it will add in a new day. Continue to add into the sequence for as long as you want. There is no limit to how many sequences you can add in the system.

When you sign up on Agent Legend LO through Connection Incorporated, you do automatically get access to our pre-made templates inside your account so all of those will be ready to use immediately.

Contact Us

For questions on how to look at modifying your Facebook ads campaign that you have inside the Agent Legend LO system please contact our team at 1-855-432-3990 or you can view our YouTube video HERE.

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