How To Book Your Calendar Solid

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We can book you up to 5 qualified appointments per day- or, you can fill your own calendar.

The first step is to get qualified lists of contacts that actually have business they can send you that will close in this market.

The first is your database.

The second is a pre-vetted qualified list of referral partners.

Then you need to make DAILY calls to those contacts using a proven script.  When you make those calls you need to have an automatic CRM campaign that follows up automatically.

Here’s our stats from last month:

Each concierge made an average of 2203 outbound calls and campaigns.

From those calls, EACH Concierge booked an average of 5 appointments per day!

Think about your business right now. Where are you going to get your deals from? I know where.

Your databasefinancial plannersattorneysreal estate investors and realtors.

The problem is, you have to have the time and self-discipline to make sure that your calls are being made every single day and most mortgage professionals don’t.

That’s why we created the concierge. It makes it so that all you have to do is show up to pre-booked appointments with people that have business to send to you. We take care of everything writing all the messages making out the phone calls booking all the appointments and even making sure that you show up.

If you wanna grow your business right now but you know you won’t make the calls you need to book a one on one strategy call with our team.

They will go through show you all the campaigns and share exactly how you can implement it on your own.

Then, if you want to have us do it for you or help you hire your own concierge internally we can discuss our programs.

Click this link to book your 1 on 1 call

No high-pressure sales pitch.

P.S – The Loan Officer Wealth podcast is outrageous right now.  We have had Barry Habib, Dave Savage, Rene Rodriguez, and other incredible guests sharing their very best teachings.  It’s incredibly valuable and totally free.

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