How to beat procrastination and grow your business.

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How to implement fast! The simple key to beating procrastination and hitting your goals.

Posted by Chris Johnstone on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How to beat procrastination and implement fast!

Today, we’re talking about how to beat procrastination and actually reach your goals, and this is actually related to a story. I had a call today with somebody that was interested in investing in our Ranking and Reputation Management program.

Well, we’ll get into it right upfront and then I’ll give you today’s content.

The simple key to beating procrastination and hitting your goals

The theme of procrastination was just throughout the entire call like, “Yeah, Chris. I want to do this. I know this. It makes sense but Christmas is coming. You know what I mean? December is going to be slow for us. We’ll start off in January.”

I’m not one for slowing down.

My thing is, are you going to let Santa slow down your business? I’m sure not and I don’t want you to either. By the end of the call, we had overcome the objection and I thought that it was a really valuable exchange and I wanted to share it with you here.

Basically at this point, Thanksgiving is over. We’re getting into December and people just have this natural inclination to be like, “Oh, well, business is going to be a little bit slower. Things are going to slow down in December.” That’s just not true. Go check the real estate board statistics for your marketplace for last year. People are buying and selling homes right up until Christmas.

When someone isexcited about purchasing a house they don’t care it’s December.  They are going to buy no matter what.

The truth is that the market really doesn’t slow down as much as most people think.  There is still a tremendous opportunity out there!  Don’t let December slow you down.

What we do here at Connection Inc. is rank mortgage professionals locally.  So, Now is the time to be investing. Now is the time to push those systems forward so that in February and March and April when all of the business comes to find you, you’re already ranked. You’re already there. You’re already getting the business. That’s the important part.

With that little diatribe over, I want to give you my personal keys to beating procrastination and just making sure that I get things done.

The First Step Is Planning.

You have to know what you actually want to achieve and accomplish before you can actually go out and hit those big goals. The way that I do this in my personal life and in the business is I try and focus on three specific things every quarter. When I say three specific things, I mean three really large picture goals where if I hit them, I know that we’re going to be ahead of target and ahead of plan for where we want to be in the business. I look at those three things and then always get overwhelmed. I’m always overwhelmed by the goals that I set for myself personally and in the business. I have found over time that the only way to really get them done is to chunk them down into really, really small pieces.

When you plan out on a very large scale what you want to do, all you’ve got to do is come to the office every morning with a sheet of paper. On that sheet of paper, you have one small thing that you need to do each day before anything else happens in order to move you closer to that goal. If you can do one micro commitment every single day to get you to that one, two or three goal, ideally all three before anything else happens, you’ve essentially completed your most important work at the very beginning of the day and that’s huge for me.

The Second Step Is Scheduling Your Time.

By the time I get to the office, I sit down. I have time scheduled in my calendar. It’s just like an appointment with a client. I always show up a little bit early and I always do what I came to do during that time I set aside and then I get into the daily activities and making sure that all of my other responsibilities are taken care of.

You’ve got to do your three things first everyday.

You will be shocked at the end of the quarter how much you can achieve and how many of those big goals that you can achieve.

Now, You have to schedule the time in your calendar so it’s just like an appointment with a client.

The Third Step Is Analyzing Your Progress.

What is your goal? Have it laid out. As you are taking your success steps every day are you getting closer through your micro commitments? Are you doing the right things to get you to your goal?

If you are not getting closer to your goal you need to examine your plan and adjust accordingly.

So, crushing your goals breaks down into three simple things.

You have got to plan it. You have to schedule it and then you have to analyze what’s happening to see if it’s actually working.

That’s it. Now, just make sure that you show up everyday and get one step closer every single day to your goal.

The Power Of Micro Commitments.

Now, I wanted to share with you just one other small thing that I think can have a tremendous impact on your results.

I work in little half hour chunks. When I have to write let’s say for example an ad for a client or a sales letter, all I’ll do is open up the document and I won’t think about the large scale picture I’ll say, “Chris, what’s the best headline you can write right now?” Then, I’ll write the headline.

Then I’ll stop. Then what is the subhead? Then I’ll write the subhead.

What’s the first paragraph? Write the first paragraph.

I know it sounds so overly simplistic but it works incredibly well.  Once I’m 15 minutes into a task, I’ll look up and I’m four pages in or I’m five pages in and all I’ve done is one little small thing one step at a time. By the end of my work, the half hour, normally I’ve completed the task and I’ll have all these three or four other work sessions that I’ve laid out to do that task that are now completely open.

It’s with that micro commitment and the micro focus that takes these massive projects like writing a free report for your clients or running a Facebook advertising campaign or getting reviews from your past customers or any aspect of your business that you’re working on. If you say, “Okay. I realize this is a big project. I’m just going to do the next thing that has get to done and the next thing after that and the next thing after that.”

Do it for half an hour and then be done with it and come back to the next day.

You’re going to crush it. I know you are.  Good Luck!

A thriving Canadian entrepreneur. A loving father and husband. A blossoming philanthropist. The CEO of an innovative Digital Marketing Agency. Johnstone has mastered the art of digital marketing on numerous platforms (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram - to name a few) which has given him the unique ability to assist hundreds of loan officers, realtors, lawyers, financial planners, and insurance agents with growing their businesses online. He continues to grow his skills and hone his craft and is ready to bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest in the digital marketing world!

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