Google My Business: Discover How Many Phone Calls And Website Visitors You Are Getting From It

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Google My Business: Discover How Many Phone Calls And Website Visitors You Are Getting From It

With more than 40,000 search queries being processed every second on Google, it’s safe to say that having a strong presence on the world’s largest search engine is a must.

Having a Google My Business page is extremely important, but so is knowing how to track it.

In this blog post we are going to show you how you can discover how many phone calls and website visits you are generating strictly from your Google Business page.

By tracking this data, one can see what is and isn’t working on the page, learn about their customers and how they are interacting with their business. Data such as how they found you, where they are coming from and what time of day they are calling can all be tracked in addition to much more.

Of course, if you do not yet have a Google My Business page, you’ll have to create one. If you’re not sure how to make one, check out this blog post on how to do so and properly optimize it.

Google Business Example

Step 1: Sign into Google My Business

Go to and sign into your Google account. Once signed in, click the three bars in the top-left corner of the page and select “All locations”.

Once you have clicked “All locations”, you will now be taken to your locations dashboard. From here, scroll down to your list of locations and select “Manage location” for the location you want to view. Note that most businesses will have just a single location.

Step 2: Google Insights

Now that you are at your Google My Business location’s dashboard, under the “Insights” section click “View Insights”. This is where you’ll be able to view all different kinds of information regarding your business.

Google My Business Insights

There are six sections that contain specific data relating to your business and how people are behaving when they search you. Each section allows you to view data from the last 7, 30 and 90 days. The six sections are:

– How customers search for your business
– Where customers view your business on Google
– Customer actions
– Phone calls
– Photo views
– Photo quantity

Once here, it’s time to narrow it down and look at data more specific to what we are looking for. In this specific article, we are looking to find information on phone calls and website visits that we are receiving. To find this information, go to the “Customer actions” section.

Step 3: Website Visitors

The “Customer actions” section is where you will find information relating to customers who visit your website, request directions and call you.

This is where you will find how many customers have found your website by clicking on your Google My Business page. It’s important to remember that this data does not reflect every visit to your website but rather only those who visit your site directly through your Google Business page.

As you can see in the screenshot below, in the last 30 days this business has received 18 website visits from customers through their Google Business page.

Customer Actions

You can dig even deeper as well and get an idea of how people are finding your business on Google. To do this, simply go to the “How customers search for your business” section. Here, you can get a glimpse of the customers who are directly searching for your brand (your business name or address) as well as those who find you by searching for a category, product or service, such as “Toronto plumber” for example.

In the “Where customers view your business on Google” section, you can find how many people are seeing your business through a Google search versus finding you on Google Maps.

Step 4: Phone Calls

Now that we know how many people are visiting our website strictly through our Google Business page, it’s time to see how many people are calling.

These phone call statistics represent only the calls generated by people who call you by clicking on your Google Business page’s phone number. This doesn’t count people who see your number and punch it into their phone, just those who click on the phone number using their mobile phone.

Google My Business - Guelph SEO

To account for people searching on desktops who type the number into their phone or call using a different method, it can be assumed that this number is double than what is listed.

In the example below, this business generated 5 phone calls from its Google My Business page over the past 30 days. However, because this only counts the calls made directly from the phone number’s link on your page, we can safely say that they generated about 10 phone calls.

You can break the phone calls down to get a more specific view on when people are calling. Under the “Phone calls” section, you can sort to view phone calls by day of the week or time of day, as well as viewing information over the past 1, 4 or 12 weeks.

Google Business Phone Calls

You will be able to keep track of how your Google Business page is performing by consistently monitoring it. Each day, week and month, you can gather data to see how people are finding you, how many of them are going to your website, how many are calling you and more.

This is an important process in tracking your business’ performance.

If you want to have us review your website and give you a free 30-minute consultation where we show you how to generate more local customers from your website, click here.

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