5 Tips to Help Promote your Company on Facebook for FREE

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Facebook is an excellent outlet to help expand your business. Free Facebook marketing is a tool that can help reach a broader audience and improve your leads. Our team at Connection Incorporated has provided a list of 5 tips to help promote your company on Facebook for FREE.


  1. Boost your rankings

When potential clients search for your business it is important to be consistent with your labelling. You will rank higher depending on how you brand your business. If your page, URL, and tabs are all labelled differently than it will be harder for your company to rank.

Another way to boost your rankings is to get more likes on your posts. The more entertaining or relatable your posts are the more your page will be shared or liked. This will increase your followers and help promote your business.


  1. Post content

Be sure to stay relevant and to post regularly. If you are only posting once a week, your company’s popularity will fall and you will less likely be remembered. But instead, post once or twice a day. Make sure your posts are creative and you explain your products or services clearly. The more awesome your content is, the more people you will draw in.

On the contrary, make sure you do not over post. Some companies post 5 to 10 times a day, which is overdoing it. You do not want your clientele to get annoyed with your excessive content. Posting 5 to 10 times a week is more acceptable.


  1. Use Facebook live

Facebook Live is a free marketing tool that can help promote your company. This is a great opportunity to provide unique content to clients in a raw, unedited way. It is also an excellent way to show the real you and connect with your clients more directly. Answering frequently asked questions on Facebook Live can help draw in more viewers and provide more personalized content. Be sure you plan ahead of time what you are going to stay because the second you start streaming you can be pulling in followers. Make sure your content is natural but not unprepared.

Taking part in Facebook Live if you have a countdown to a new launch or product giveaway is a great way to boost the excitement and get more people interested in your offer. Potential clients will be more likely to come back and check for updates if you appropriately target the right audience.


  1. Post on weekends

Go the extra mile by posting on weekends. Just because you’re “off the clock” does not mean your clientele is uninterested. Most Facebook users check their News Feed daily, therefore, reaching out to them on the weekend can help bring in more traffic. It is not as common for businesses to post on weekends, therefore, you will stand out more.

It is also a great way to open up your life to your audience. The more relatable you are the more clients you will bring on. So if you’re posting over the weekend then switch up your style a little bit. Dress more relaxed and show your audience what hobbies you are involved in over the weekend. Humanizing your business is the best way to personalize your brand.


  1. Use your blog

A blog is a great way to explain the specific products and services you offer. Facebook is a platform that can help increase your blog traffic. When adding a link to your blog through a Facebook post, make sure your content grabs your audience’s attention. Titles that include a number, for example: “Top 5 free Facebook marketing tips” on Facebook, is more appealing than “free Facebook marketing tips”.

Most viewers will not click on the link to your blog if they think it will be a long post. Organizing your content in bullet points helps clients easily find the answers they are looking for. The more jumbled your posts are the less likely you will attract new readers. So make your posts appealing by your title choice, as well as post clear, relatable pictures to help draw traffic to your blog.

Marketing your business on Facebook can help you save money due to the many free options offered. For more information on free Facebook marketing tips, please contact the Connection Incorporated Team at 1-855-432-3990. We would love to work with you and help grow your business.

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