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The is the first time Connection Incorporated is publicly talking about Facebook Chatbots – a phenomenal part of our Done-For-You program!


Facebook Chatbots: Getting Started

To get started using Facebook Chatbots, you can go to and click the blue button. It’s as simple as that! This will open up Facebook Messenger and will trigger the chatbot. This is kind of like a “caveman” version of artificial intelligence because we pre-program the Facebook Chatbot to ask questions and each question is linked to a button. Then based on the person’s responses to the bot, they are redirected to a customized page. The bot doesn’t do any calculations – it doesn’t think about the response that the person has given – but it does have a pre-programmed sequence to guide people through. The reason why we have set it up this way is to give you the highest quality mortgage leads up front.

When we think about lead generation on Facebook, one of the biggest problems that we get feedback about from our customers is that they can’t be on the phone right away when the lead comes in and therefore, they miss some of these great quality leads because they are unable to reach back out.

This is why we have spent the time and money to launch Agent Legend LO. When you generate a Facebook lead, Agent Legend LO goes out, sends the ring-less voicemail, the text message and the email, and converts the leads for you.

If you don’t have Agent Legend LO integrated with your “Done-For-You” program, reach out to your account manager or contact and they can set that up for you. You can also book a call with our team and they will walk you through exactly how the tool works and answer any questions you may have.


Cutting-Edge Technology

The Chat Bot is another avenue that uses the same high-quality follow-ups and communicates with your leads in real time without you having to do anything. Once your Chat Bot is built it just sits there and has these conversations with your leads through Facebook Messenger.

The conversation is designed to get the bad leads to disqualify themselves so that you never have to reach out to them and waste your valuable time speaking with someone who you won’t be able to help. It is designed to get the good leads and bring them to the top, such as leads with great credit scores or large down payments. So, rather than going through your website and filling out their information box by box, these people will be providing all this information by going through a conversational flow on Facebook Messenger with the Chat Bot.

Chat Bots are the future of interactive marketing. This process makes it easier for everyone involved. All the other systems are still going to be in place, but this is going to be the most productive.

If you were to just go into google and do a search for “chatbot price”, a standard level agency would charge $30,000 to have this technology developed from the ground up. We have also seen companies spend over $100,000 just to have the technology built. So, what our Connection Incorporated team is giving you here, is the opportunity to build this on your own or have us build it for you. This is advanced level marketing that most of your competition, even the major national players, haven’t even touched yet.

It’s cutting-edge technology and is going to give you the opportunity to really get ahead of the curve by allowing you to tap into the marketplace and become a market leader.


The Process

When someone clicks on the chatbot it will say “Hi, welcome to the (company mortgage name) bot, I’m here to help you find the right mortgage and the best rate possible. Click here to get started” and there will be a button at the bottom of the phrase that people can click on. (Of course, you can modify this statement if you wish).

As soon as they click the button, a message comes back and says “Great, it can take a couple minutes for us to help you, is now a good time?” The homebuyer will then have three buttons to choose from: yes, no, I have a question. If they click on “I have a question” it goes directly to “great give us a call” and it provides a button that says, “call us” and that is the fastest path to an inbound mortgage lead as possible. Then if they say, “no it’s not a good time” then the bot says “Great, tell us your phone number and your email address and we’ll reach out to find a time that works for you.” That way you can follow up with them later and convert that lead. From there, you could put them into Agent Legend LO or follow up with them manually.

If they choose “yes” they go to the next automated step in the bot. The bot says “okay great, let’s get started. What are you looking to do? Purchase a home, mortgage renewal, or refinance?” These questions are designed differently based on their response. This is similar to how you would handle a conversion with a client in your mortgage business. When you’re talking to someone on the phone and they say they want to refinance, you’re going to ask them different questions then you would if they were looking to purchase. We’ve programmed the bot so that if they click “purchase,” the bot goes down a specific home purchase path and if they click on renewal or refinance then they are asked different questions for that specific loan.


What You Need to Set Up Your System


  • The Intelligent Workflow- the majority of work that goes into the system
  • com or ($10 / month)- highly recommend
  • Facebook Business Page (Free)
  • Facebook Ads (Scalable)


How to Setup Your Bot

Go to (most recommended tool) and click on “new growth tool” after clicking “Growth Tools” on the left-hand side. Here is where you begin building your bot. This can be done for you by creating a landing page, which is what we have set up for you on That is a Chat Bot landing page that looks just like a normal landing page but rather than people filling out their name, phone number, and email addresses, they just click the blue button and it automatically connects their Facebook Messenger with your business Facebook Messenger and immediately starts a conversation with them in real time. The bot then converts the leads automatically for you, so you don’t have to do anything.

Now the landing page is the free tool. The Facebook ads JSON is a pro tool ($10/month) but you can make it to where people see your ad on Facebook, click the button, and automatically go into your bot just by clicking on the ad.

If you want to use the Facebook ads JSON tool, click on the button that says Facebook ads JSON and it’s going to ask you for an opt-in action. Then over on the right-hand side, you’re going to click on the text that’s in that box and start typing. It will put what you type into the chatbot.

We recommend: “Hi, welcome to the (your company name) mortgage bot and I’m here to help you find the right mortgage for your needs at the best rate possible. Click here to get started” They have to click the ‘click here’ button to start the conversation.

Once you have written the welcome message to get people to opt-in, click on the edit button on the right-hand side and that will take you into the visual builder where you build your conversion sequence. The starting step takes you to the first message, then you can choose all the different “adventures” that you want to take people through while using your bot.

Once the flow is programmed inside Many Chat, you set up the ad to trigger the bot in real time. At the bottom of your Facebook Ads Manager, you will see “messages” and this is where you can set up the audiences you want to target. Your account manager will be able to write these ads for you and help you customize the process to help better suit the needs of your business.

In order to integrate your Chat Bot with Facebook Messenger, you’re going to have to go back into Many Chat -> Growth Tools -> Growth Tool-> Setup. It should then show you the Facebook ad JSON code down at the bottom. Once you get to this point, you right click your mouse on the text and click copy. Then you go back to the Facebook Ads Manager. After you have written your ad copy it will say “Messenger Setup” and it will ask if you want a standard template or a custom template. Click on “custom template.” Then it will take you to custom template pop-up, click on the JSON bar and right click on the box and hit paste. That is your way of installing your bot from Many Chat into the Facebook Ads Manager. Then click on finish. If you have done something wrong, the Facebook Ads Manager will tell you. It troubleshoots before it goes live so you will be notified if you have anything missing or need to fix something.


Have Us Build This For You!

Regular Price


Your Price

  • $997 Setup
  • $747 per month
  • BONUS #1:
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Bi-Weekly Training
    • 30 Minute Quick Start
  • Guarantee
    • If you are not 100% satisfied, you keep all the campaigns and the bonuses!


For Members!

We are dropping this price down. So, if you want us to launch a bot campaign for you, we are more than happy to do that and are asking for a $250 charge in order to implement the bot for you, which basically covers the cost of your account manager’s time to build this for you inside your campaign.

If this interests you, just reach out to your account manager and they will walk you through the process to make sure this is a good fit for you.


Contact Us

For more information on the Facebook Chat Bot please contact our team at 1-855-432-3990 or you can view our YouTube video on this topic HERE.

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