How to Get More Referrals from Past Clients

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How to Get More Referrals from Past Clients - Digital Marketing

This year, you are going to get the most referrals from your past client database than ever!

This simple strategy is going to go hand in hand with all of the mailers, calls, and voicemails that you are going to send to your clients before the spring market hits.

Here’s how this works.

All of your previous work a follow up that you have done with your past clients has built a phenomenal brand and affinity.

They want to send you more business and every referral that they can.

The problem is … They are just as busy as you are!

So, we need to make sure that when they have that referral to send to you it actually gets sent!

Imagine this scenario.  Your past client is out with their group of friends on the weekend socializing.  Friend #1 says to Friend #2.  “We are going to start shopping for a new home!”

In that moment your past client jumps into action and mentions your name and says that they should call you!


Unfortunately, it’s not very effective.

As you know, the conversation continues …the night wears on and your name is forgotten amongst the other topics of conversation.


On Monday Morning your past client gets to work … puts in a solid 15 minutes and then picks up their phone for a quick scroll through their Instagram.  🙂

Lo and behold there you are in an ad!  The ad gives a very simple reminder of the amazing service you provide and specific instructions on how to send a referral by tagging their friends in a comment on the ad.

The perfect reminder at the perfect time on the perfect platform.

Your past client tags their friend in a comment and you get the call!

This works.

Here’s how to do it.

There are 6 steps.

  1. Download your database of past customers and remove everything but their name, email and phone.
  2.  Go to the Facebook ads manager and upload your new .csv file inside the audiences tab.
  3. Go to Google Adwords and upload your .csv file to the audiences tab.
  4. Run a new Facebook ad campaign that just targets your past client audience.
  5. Run a new Google Adwords campaign on the display network that targets your past client audience. (Advanced: Run a second campaign for video ads that will show on YouTube)
  6. Check back in 2 weeks to see how your campaigns are performing.

There are 4 basic types of ads that we see working well right now.

– Educational videos that give tips on credit, down payment and mortgage features.
– Testimonials from past clients
– Success stories of deals where you helped clients
– Direct response calls to action.

Here is an example of some ad copy to help you run your first ad.

(The headline is your name and your phone number and the image is your headshot.)

Do you know someone that is getting ready to move or buy their first home? Tag them in a comment on this post and we will make sure that they get the same exceptional service that all our clients get!

*We are happy to get on the phone and let them know how much they qualify for and what rate they can expect to pay for free.

Remember, you can have fun with this.  Let your personality shine through and remind people what a great experience they had with you!

If you have a question or you need a specific walkthrough on any of the steps just tag me in a comment on Facebook.

To your success!

Chris Johnstone

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