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Hey everybody! It’s Chris! I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

I just got finished recording a webinar, more like a training, for The Freedom Club group with Carl. As you know, I’m the digital media guy that helps close mortgage deals from online marketing, whether it be from Google or Facebook.

In today’s training we were going through the 3 major ways we have to close business deals when it comes to digital marketing.

The first is getting deals from past customers, the second is getting more deals from referral partners, and the third is direct market advertising. These are the three pathways you can take to go out and get more business.

After we were done with the training, we were having a little bit of back and forth conversation about how a lot of these strategies can really be implemented to help generate even better results for our mortgage professionals when they share them with other professionals.

When you look at your insurance professionals that you’re referring business to or that are referring business back to you (the same goes for any of your real estate partners or any of the other people that you have in your mortgage industry)… all of these people can help grow your business!

Everybody can get business from their past customers! Everybody can get more business from having more referral partners! Everybody can close more business and scale their business by running ads online, effectively, and then using the steps that I teach you on these live trainings on how to actually generate a really high-quality lead that comes through your funnel.

Just to go over that again really quickly, the first step is getting the right targeting going on your campaign. Making sure you are actually giving your marketing message to the right audience.

The second step is making sure you’re not just setting up a lead form or setting up a page where you’re asking people for their information. In the mortgage industry, in the real estate industry, and in the insurance industry, you have to get those people to jump through hoops so that they are qualifying themselves for you.

So don’t just give them an offer, like getting an e-book, for example. Make them qualify themselves through your tool.

Whether that tool is a chatbot that you’re using or a survey or even just a multi-step funnel that you’re putting someone through, where they have to jump through hoops to get to the end of it. You have to change the way you’re generating leads so that you bet better quality leads through your funnel and you close more of those leads as a result from it.

The first is targeting, the second is the offer, and the third is the follow up. Just making sure you have an automated system in place that sends ringless voicemails, text messages, and emails to those past leads and the leads that you are generating through your systems. That’s going to exponentially change the results you get from your marketing.

Marketing to your past customers with retargeting, marketing to your referral partners by having something valuable for them, and going direct to market are the 3 big ways to help you grow your business.

I have something to help you in all of those fronts.

Digital Marketing Mastermind

At the end of this YouTube video, there is a link to a brand new Facebook group that we have started. It is the Connection Inc. Digital Marketing Mastermind.

We have set up that community so that you can get live and up to date training on what is working to generate leads, target leads, and convert leads on Facebook, Google, and all of the different platforms that we have. We have set this up as a community so you can invite your partners and they can get great value from the group so that you can get more referrals.

If you can train your real estate partners and your insurance partners, and all the other people that you do business with to generate more new leads that come in, more referrals from their past customers, and how to get more referrals, that’s going to help you grow YOUR business because they are obviously feeding business to you!

Make sure to click on the link to check out the group. There will be an option for you to invite your partners into the group, once you have been accepted yourself. This gives both you and your partners the opportunity to communicate with the group and bring us your top questions about digital marketing so we can answer them for you inside the group.

We are going to be bringing you training all the time through this group – 2 live sessions a week as well as regular posts that help you grow your business and stay motivated to hit the next level!

I’m really looking forward to having you as a part of this group and I hope you have a great day!

We’ll see you in there!

A thriving Canadian entrepreneur. A loving father and husband. A blossoming philanthropist. The CEO of an innovative Digital Marketing Agency. Johnstone has mastered the art of digital marketing on numerous platforms (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram - to name a few) which has given him the unique ability to assist hundreds of loan officers, realtors, lawyers, financial planners, and insurance agents with growing their businesses online. He continues to grow his skills and hone his craft and is ready to bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest in the digital marketing world!

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