The #1 Thing You Should Do When You Start Running Ads Online – Part 2

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Hey! What’s up, everybody?

I hope you’re having a fantastic day.

This morning we are headed back to Traffic and Conversion so I figured I would give you this live video update because the days are busy!

At this point, we already have two main takeaways from the event that both line up perfectly with what we’re doing in our Digital Marketing Agency.

I wanted to share with you two helpful tips that we’ve taken away from the conference so that you implement them and start getting results right away in your mortgage business.

The First Takeaway

After all the sessions were over yesterday, we walked away with two major things.

Ryan Dice, the President of Digital Marketer, [the company that puts on Traffic and Conversion] is a pretty smart dude!

He knows where this stuff is going.

The main point that he really drove home in the first 10 to 15 minutes of his keynote was that, as we move toward 2020, over 80% of the advertising that is going to be spent or utilized online will be on two traffic channels: Google and Facebook.

This year is the first year in history where Digital Media ad spend will surpass traditional sources like TV, radio, print, billboards, etc.

Of all of that money that’s now transitioning into the digital phase, over 80% of that money is going to one of two networks.

80% of the impressions/customers that you have access to are on Google and Facebook.

The other key component to that is you really need what we call omnichannel marketing.

That is essentially making sure that once your customers come into your business and they start to know your brand (by visiting your website or your landing page, interacting with you on Facebook, or just coming through one of your funnels somewhere), they are pixelated and retargeted on all of the different platforms – YouTube, Google Search and Display Networks, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

Yesterday we went through those 4 types of ads:

1. Testimonials from past customers
2. Stories of success
3. A call to action
4. An educational video

It’s actually a pretty simple formula when you put it together.

Retargeting – The Compound Effect

If you look at the compound effect, what it does is it makes sure that you generate more leads from your existing advertising budget.

It takes an average of 7 advertisements to bring someone through your funnel, so getting those in across different channels is fantastic.

80% of our opportunity is on Facebook or Google.

If you’re only using one channel, you are only getting half of the opportunity.

Your paying for the traffic anyway, you may as well be collecting as much of it as you possibly can.

Having that retargeting in place is incredibly important.

CI Inner Circle

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We also have a phenomenal support community in case you run into any questions or issues.

Running into problems is to be expected, so you will have us there to support you!

I’m in there to help you inside that community as well!

If you’re not successfully implementing digital marketing strategies in your business right now, go check out!

That’s definitely going to help you!

The Second Takeaway

The second thing that we took away from the conference is driving more traffic.

What’s the ad?

What’s the offer?

What’s the system?

What’s the funnel?

That’s the stuff that gets me really excited!

Right now, there’s a blind spot in the industry that I think we’ve done a tremendous job of filling for our customers.

That blind spot is conversion!

People are trying to go to 100% automated selling systems selling on Amazon.

People that are in the mortgage business, insurance business, or the real estate business are even trying to automate the actual purchase process.

In the mortgage industry, that often means sending people to an online app without building a relationship with them.

One of the key takeaways from our conference was that you need to spend just as much if not more time on the conversion of your leads because there is low hanging fruit in every single database.

What we do to make sure we are harvesting all of that low hanging fruit for our customers is we put all of the leads that we generate into an automated follow-up system that sends ringless voicemails, text messages, and emails to those clients.

We also teach the process of manually reaching out on the phone when you get a high-quality lead that comes through the system.

We’re pulling people in using our ChatBots our survey campaigns so you know right away if you have a good-quality leave coming through.

Just by implementing that simple conversion technique, we’ve taken some of our clients that were getting a 10% response rate from their leads and turned that into a response rate of over 40%.


To recap, you definitely have to have a conversion mechanism that’s automated for your customers, but you shouldn’t rely on it 100%.

Every opportunity you get, you should be reaching out to those high-quality leads manually, because there is magic in those live phone calls.

We don’t recommend calling the cold leads.

We want you to call the warm leads.

When you get somebody that responds to the automated text message or the ringless voicemail, those are the ones that you call in real time and have a real time system for following up on those people so you get them right away.

Another helpful tip:

The leads that you generate should be seeing a different advertisement in your retargeting campaign than the people that are in your cold traffic.

If they’ve already opted in, you want to show them those story of success, the testimonials from your past clients, and a call to action to book the appointment to get on the phone with you.

Again there’s low-hanging fruit in that database!

The more that they get to know you, like you, trust you and see your brand online, the more of those leads you’re going to convert.

That is what I’ve got for you this morning!

Go out and get that stuff implemented!

For the nitty-gritty on that stuff go to

I have written a letter there for you that explains the whole thing and how this is such a massive value for you.

I would love to see you on the inside.

Can’t wait to help you out get you started building these campaigns!

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