Want Better Quality Mortgage Leads from Your Ads? Do This!

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Hey, what’s up, everybody! It’s Chris Johnstone.

Here at Connection Incorporated, we help mortgage professionals get loans closed from Social Media advertising and Google advertising and we are really, really good at it!

In today’s video, I want to give you one of our advanced level tips for driving higher quality leads into your funnel.

This works every time we implement it for our customers and I think you’re absolutely going to love it.

I’ve also got a special announcement for you at the end of this video about our Done For You service, which is something you definitely need to know about, so stick around.


Higher Quality Leads

In order to get better leads through your funnel, which is a pain point I hear about from clients who are coming to us for help,  you have to understand that there is a process at work with advertising on Facebook and Instagram because everybody is targeting the same low-quality leads at the very beginning of the process.

If you haven’t seen my videos on how to retarget your past customers or how to build lookalike audiences so that you’re getting better targeting off those people, please scroll down under the video and check out some of our previous videos where I teach you a lot of that.

You only need to start your campaigns on a warm network. But after that, if you really want to scale and really ramp up your lead production in your business, you have to go to a cold audience. That means going to Facebook and saying, “Hey, target people who are interested in mortgages!”

Now, here’s the thing… If you look at how Facebook is actually targeting those people, they look at where they’ve been on the internet and different business pages.

For example, Facebook is saying someone is interested in mortgages if they are visiting bankrate.com. The problem with this is that websites like bankrate.com don’t just talk about mortgage rates or mortgage information specifically. They talk about lots of other information, like credit scores, for example.

This means that lots of people who aren’t our perfect customer are lumped into this category.

So what you’re doing is spending advertising dollars to get in front of a massive audience, which is amazing (we love Facebook and Instagram ads), but inside that massive target, there’s a small little sliver of people who are actually looking for a mortgage. Of these people, there are even fewer that have exceptional credit, are ready to get their loan closed within the next few months and are a good enough customer that you can actually convert them into a profitable closed loan.

When you run ads on Facebook, there is a very high likelihood that you’re going to get a bunch of garbage through your system.

And that’s okay! This is a numbers game.

But there is a way to really focus in on that sliver that has high-quality leads and that’s is where our great offer comes in.


Making Your Leads Jump Through Hoops

You probably heard me say we don’t do opt-in pages anymore – that we don’t do Facebook lead forms anymore. Because the quality of leads coming from those two different services for us have been very low.

Now what we do for our clients is set up their campaigns to make it so their leads have to jump through hoops and qualify themselves to our clients.

To do this we say, “Hey! You’re looking to find out how much mortgage you qualify for and what rate you can expect to pay… use our quick qualification tool!” Then they click on that ad and it takes them through a process that is very, very similar to a short form loan application where we find out things like:

  • How much home they want to purchase
  • Whether they have a down payment or not
  • What they think they’re credit score is
  • How soon they’re looking to move
  • If they have been previously bankrupt

(Among a bunch of other things)

When someone sees our ad, it specifically says “If you are looking to get qualified for a mortgage, this offer is relevant to you.”

RIght there we are repelling a lot of those people who aren’t going to fit. Then, we are making them jump through hoops. Again, it’s going to push away a lot of the low quality leads up front.

In the end, after we have asked them nine to ten questions, we then say “Okay, you’ve made it to the end. You can put your first name, your email and your phone number” and they become a lead.

What we are doing through that process is we are watching what path they go down.

If you’re using survey gizmo or survey monkey (or any other survey tool), you need to place a Facebook custom pixel on each of the phases as you’re building those tools out.

When you get a good lead (somebody that is buying in your price range, they have a down payment, they’re in your credit category, etc.), you fire that pixel and you send that back to Facebook. That’s when the program will recognize the lead you’re looking for. Just let all the rest of them go through your system and don’t feed that information back to the Facebook algorithm.

This way, you teach the Facebook algorithm your perfect customers are only those who are coming through on that form.

Over time, your leads will get much better as far as the quality and the types of conversations that you’re having and how your follow up system works.

After you generate these leads, you should not be manually following up on them. We use a system for our clients that sends ringless voicemails, text message, and emails that kick that system off right away.

You will see that many of these leads have already talked to another professional in the industry because they are ready to go, but the follow up from that professional was poor. This sets them up with a low benchmark of what they think service in the industry should be.

Then your text messages, emails, and ringless voicemails all happen automatically (and are very high-quality) and that lead bonds with you from the start. That’s why we are getting over 40% of our leads to text back, call back, or sometimes emailed back to actually book an appointment and find out what they qualify for and what they can expect to pay.


Digital Advertising Experts

All three of those systems work together. Targeting, repelling the lead, feeding it back so that you get a higher-quality lead, and then automating your follow-up on the back end.

That is what we do for our customers.

We do an exceptional job in the mortgage industry generating high-quality leads that you can pre-qualify, give to your referral partners and also close.

We also help you generate referrals from past customers through quality retargeting using a follow-up campaign.

We know what it takes to fund loans using digital advertising. We do it all for you.

Chances are that you are seeing this video because you have been on one of our presentations lately, you’ve seen one of our webinars and you have engaged somehow about finding out more about are Done For You service.

If you have a couple of questions, or just need a refresher of what the program is, please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you with that.

My name is Chris Johnstone and I hope you found this video extremely helpful to you and your business.

A thriving Canadian entrepreneur. A loving father and husband. A blossoming philanthropist. The CEO of an innovative Digital Marketing Agency. Johnstone has mastered the art of digital marketing on numerous platforms (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram - to name a few) which has given him the unique ability to assist hundreds of loan officers, realtors, lawyers, financial planners, and insurance agents with growing their businesses online. He continues to grow his skills and hone his craft and is ready to bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest in the digital marketing world!

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