How to Get Positive Verified Customer Reviews on Your Google Business Page

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At Connection Incorporated, we have a system in place to help our client’s make the most of their Google Business pages by accumulating 5-Star reviews for their businesses. Our incredibly effective strategy can be tweaked to help you continue to optimize the page for your business as Google introduces Verified Customer Reviews.

These reviews, as we mentioned in our previous post, are now being implemented by Google in addition to the traditional reviews that are currently found on published business pages. They are designed to enhance the authenticity of reviews and will no doubt have an impact on the visibility of your business on Google.

The best place to start building up reviews on your business page is asking for them. Unfortunately, most people won’t go out of their way to leave a review unless they have a negative experience or complaint to share or they are personally asked to leave a positive one. Our team at Connection Incorporated can work with you to create a customized email to send out, requesting 5-Star reviews from your past and present clients, as well as your business partners in the industry.

Sending a personalized email, with easy instructions, a link straight to your Google business page, and a short explanation about why their review is important to your business is a fantastic way to reach out and request a positive review.

Following this email request up with a personal phone call and even offering an incentive could be just the nudge they need to take the time to leave you a 5-Star review.

It is also important to remember to respond to the reviews left on your page, both positive and negative, as they are being left. Responding to negative reviews and providing a remedy to the situation can have a profound effect on your business. Responses to these reviews will be published and appreciated by your clients and those who come across your business on Google. This could even turn that disgruntled customer into a happy one who can then amend their negative review on your page.

Even if every review you receive is a 5-Star review, it is important to respond to them all. Every review that is responded to will hold more weight with Google and will increase your visibility and authority online.

If you are ready to start building up the positive reviews on your Google Business page and moving your keyword rankings to page on of Google, contact us today!


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