Our Chat Bots Make Your Leads Jump!

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Learn How Our Chat Bots Make Your Mortgage Leads Jump!

Hey, what’s up, everybody? I was just going through one of our staff meetings and we had this client here that is running one of our Chatbot campaigns and absolutely crushing it. We’re finding that for roughly every 20 people that come through the bot, they end up with one really solid application that comes into the business and they have only been running this since early September. Check this out! This is inside their many chat accounts. These are all the subscribers that have joined their bot. You can see this astronomic growth across this account, at just $15 a day, and look, now almost 800 people that they can broadcast messages to, follow up with and have Instant Messenger conversations with through their Facebook business page. Think of this as a list of people that are interested in buying homes right now.

Check this out. Again, they are only spending $15 a day to generate these results. In just the last seven days they’ve had 49 conversations with new mortgage leads that are starting to qualify themselves through that bot with just $108.70 spent. This is a red-hot real estate market and there are a lot of people looking to get loans so obviously not every marketplace is going to come out with a cheap cost per lead like this. Oftentimes, we’ll have Chatbots that are running leads at $8 or $9 a lead but ultimately the cost per lead doesn’t really matter. What matters is the results from the leads that are coming through the system. What’s happening in this Chatbot campaign, if you haven’t seen one of these before, is we’re basically taking people through a short form loan application through Instant Messenger on either a conversation that is instigated on Facebook or Instagram.

These people are jumping through the hoops and telling us how much home they are looking to buy. What they think their credit score is. Whether they have a down payment. Whether they’ve been previously bankrupt. Whether they’re working with another lender. They answer all of that information before they give us their name, their email address, and their phone number through the bot and then, obviously, we can also follow up with Facebook Messenger. These are incredibly high-quality leads that have purchase intent that are coming through this funnel. What I’m going to do is a training where I show you exactly how we set these up.

I will go over the targeting that we use inside the campaign, how to set up the Chatbot, what messages we put into it and even how we’re following up on all the mortgage leads with automated ring-less voicemail. This is basically an automated followup system that has almost 50% of the leads replying back to us. If you’d like a copy of that training, just leave a comment below or shoot us an email and just say, yes, send me the training or let me in. We’ll send you the link so that you can get immediate access to it. You can check it out and learn how to implement these Chatbots in your mortgage business.

I hope you’re having a fantastic day. I hope this video helped you out and I’ll see you in the next one.



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