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Facebook Marketing- Modifying your campaigns

How to Look At And Modify The Campaigns You Have Inside The Agent LO System

Done-For-You Program The Done-For-You program has been expertly designed by our team to make growing and marketing your business as hands off for…
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The Facebook Pixel- Facebook marketing

The Facebook Pixel

What’s Changing The Facebook Ads Manager has officially limited a significant amount of targeting options that have previously been available in the past.…
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Facebook Advertising- What to say when your leads call back

What to Say When Your Leads Call Back

What We Offer When you’re working with the Connection Inc. team on your Facebook Advertising, we will help you determine which campaign(s) are…
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digital marketing- it's all about the return on investment

It’s All About The ROI

If you want control over the growth of your income, you must have control over the scale of your leads and closings. To…
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Facebook Marketing- using facebook to multiply capital

Using Facebook To Multiply Capital

Running one or more successful Facebook marketing campaigns is a fantastic technique that can increase your leads and multiply your capital. Our team…
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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Business Marketing

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Business Marketing

Business marketing is a great way to promote your products or services, but if done incorrectly it could really hurt your company. To…
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Using video content for digital marketing

Using Video Content For Digital Marketing

Using video content is an excellent way to increase web traffic and drive more sales. In a technological world, digital marketing is used…
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Facebook Bots Are Back!

Facebook Bots Are Back! By Chris Johnstone fter a recent pause, Facebook is now allowing new    bots to be launched on their…
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Facebook Marketing- How to create a business page

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business

With more than 2 billion active users on Facebook every month, creating a business page on this social media platform can help broaden…
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Facebook Marketing - How to Boost a Facebook Post

How To Boost A Facebook Post

Facebook marketing is a useful tool to help gain more exposure for your company. One helpful way you can market on Facebook is…
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