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5 Tips to Help Promote your Company on Facebook for FREE

Facebook is an excellent outlet to help expand your business. Free Facebook marketing is a tool that can help reach a broader audience and improve your leads. Our team at Connection Incorporated has provided a list of 5 tips to help promote your company on Facebook for FREE.   Boost your rankings When potential clients […]

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How to Market Your Company on Facebook

How to Marketing Your Company on Facebook - Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an excellent platform to use for marketing purposes. As the top social media site in the world, marketing your business on Facebook can help reach a broader audience. Learning the appropriate ways to advertise your company on Facebook can increase leads and help grow your business. To help you get started, our team […]

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Why You Need to be Utilizing Live Chat!

Why You Need to be Utilizing Live Chat!

Are you using a live chat feature on your website? If you aren’t then you are missing out on capturing customers. When browsing a website there are sometimes questions that a customer needs to be answered quickly, and this is where a live chat feature comes into play. It allows you to build a better […]

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Mortgage Marketing – Facebook Mortgage Leads

Mortgage Marketing - FB

Bringing in new business is important for growing your mortgage company and digital marketing is an awesome way to do this. It is important to ensure you are getting leads from your website, from Google, and from Facebook. However, Facebook ads can be a great tool for bringing in a large volume of leads quickly, […]

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How To: Installing Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Do you know the current health of your website? Are you aware of all the different keywords your website may be ranking for? Google Search Console is an effective tool that can help you answer yes to these questions and more. As a business owner, your website is one of the most important lead generation […]

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How To: Installing Google Analytics

How To: Installing Google Analytics for WordPress Website

Have you been looking for a way to track the traffic on your business’s website and better understand the behavior of your customers? If so, Google Analytics may just be the perfect tool for you! Google Analytics allows business owners to view a real-time overview of the traffic on their website – where the users […]

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How To Optimize YouTube Videos

Basic YouTube Optimization

Per a list of 2017 YouTube statistics, nearly 5 billion videos are viewed each day and more than 3.2 billion hours are consumed watching every month. The demand for videos is larger than ever. If you haven’t yet started a vlog or created some form of video strategy, it’s time to hop on the wagon. […]

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8 Closed Mortgage Deals In One Month From Inbound Online Leads! LIVE MORTGAGE MARKETING WEBINAR REPLAY!

Relevant Content More Important Than Ever With Google’s Expanded Featured Snippets & Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel

Creating relevant content for your site and telling Google about it is about to become much more important in a digital strategy if you want to generate traffic. Ranking in the local 3-pack is the ultimate goal as that’s where the majority of your leads will be coming from. However, with Google’s latest announcement that […]

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How To: Remove A Bad Google Review. Best Practices

How To- Flagging a Google Review as Inappropriate

Over the past few weeks, our blog posts have gone into detail about the importance of building up the number of 5-star reviews on your Google My Business page or pages. We have also provided templates for responding to the reviews your customers are leaving on your Google My Business page and we have even […]

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How to get more website traffic.

How to get more traffic to your mortgage website fast! So for today’s lesson, I’m going to show you how to get more website traffic. I’m going to show you how to do it fast and we’re going to use this funky tool called Google Search Console. Obviously, we’re using a new tool here and we’re […]

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How to beat procrastination and grow your business.


How to implement fast! The simple key to beating procrastination and hitting your goals. Posted by Chris Johnstone on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 How to beat procrastination and implement fast! Today, we’re talking about how to beat procrastination and actually reach your goals, and this is actually related to a story. I had a call today […]

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