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Google AdWords vs Google AdWords Express

AdWords - From Google

As you may know, the Search Engine Optimization campaigns that we run for our clients are extremely successful as long-term lead generation strategies. These campaigns work by getting your business to the top of search results for market and location-specific keywords, which will place you directly in front of the largest amount of high-quality traffic. […]

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Google Ads Now Appear in the Local 3-Pack

Google 3-Pack

If you have read our previous blog posts then you know how important it is to rank in Google’s local 3-pack. The local 3-pack is where the majority of calls and visits to local businesses are generated from. In the second half of 2016, Google revealed that it was testing ads in the local 3-pack, […]

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Creating a Review Link for Your Google My Business Page

Review Link - 5-Star Reviews on Google

As you may know from some of our previous posts, Google reviews are needed to help turn traffic into leads. Think about how you make decisions when you are searching for services in your area. When you see those three businesses in the three-pack, who are you most likely to contact? The business with a […]

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How A Mortgage Ad on Facebook Can Boost Revenue

Log in to Facebook screen

A recent study found that 94% of social marketers advertise on Facebook and more than 80% of all social mobile sign-ins also occur on the world’s most-used social media platform. Whether you’re a new or experienced user, Facebook makes it incredibly easy to create an ad. Mortgage advertisers can create a custom ad in just […]

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Using Allo with Chat on Google My Business

Google My Business - Allo

As we mentioned in our previous post, Google has recently started rolling out their new “Chat” option that allows customers to message directly with businesses they are interested in. This new feature is a great way for businesses to promote their customer service with low response times while building up leads. Businesses can setup “Chat” […]

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